Why Do White Chicks Love Black Guys?

Is it a fashion trend or something deeper? I would love to know what white girls find so fascinating in my ethnic group...Ive seen perfectly decent, smart white girls go for the most wasted black guys, simply because their black...is it a pheromone we're excreting out of our skin? lol or is it a personality/ culture issue?

Hey people, firstly it's been awhile since I've been on here and I'm appalled at my use of language and grammar! Lol it's truly been an eye opener and seeing how much I've grown and changed! :-D

Secondly Merry Christmas all and have a Happy New Year!


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  • Well sometimes it seems like black guys are the only guys who ever show interest in me.

    Lets face it, black guys are better than white guys at showing interest in a girl, so more times than not they are probably going to get the girl.

    Another reason is, like others said, black guys tend to be cool and funny. They also tend to be more muscular and athletic -->sexy.

    • To your second comment...don't you think most white guys are scared of girls? A black guy will step up if you will. And of course girls like it. Doesn't matter white black asian. Women like a guy that can step up take charge and protect them. Confidence of a black man is unparalled. I think it comes from being tested by racist pieces of sh*t since the day you're born.

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    • yea black guys show interest in a girl by behaving like an absolute serial rapist.

    • Exactly, they for some reason generally have more confidence. Girls are attracted to confidence, that's really all there is to say about "why".

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  • I am a white girl and been dating black men all my life. Have had tree as live in bf's and am currently going on year 4 with the one I am with now.

    I think some of the attraction might have been the taboo at first, but have found these men to treat me much better than any white guy did. My girlfriends don't hear from me that my guy is all about himself in and out of the bedroom as I hear them complain about their guy.

    I am very attracted to the black skin and when it is against my white body that alone sends waves of pleasure through me. I will not hesitate to have mixed race children when the time is right.

    • I love you for loving us katie...NEVER forget that :) x

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    • Yeah I agree, Katie's a slut. She admitted on other posts that she got pregnant in a f***ing gangbang (what a whore) and her two black daughters don't know who their fathers are. So her claims to how black guys are so great seem like bullsh*t.

      Black guys are generally really outgoing and so I'm sure that being from a white trash home like she no doubt is that she loves that affection.

      Baseline is though, men are men, I've dated many races and only the individual matters in the end.

    • MY My! Another white girl so ugly she can't even post her picture and unable to even get the interest of a guy of any race. All she can do is run her mouth with selfish demeaning comments about someone who she knows absolutely nothing about. Fortunately this post is so old very very few folks on this site will ever see your rude, condensending and demeaning comments which alone show what kind of person you really are. Enjoy your time on this site, you should become very popular very soon!

  • i don't think it's that there's an overwhelming number of white girls that like black guys, but people in general feel freer than ever to like anyone in any race.

    • Ah, I see...well thank you for your input young woman :)

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    • Im dating an asian

    • I don't see why this answer was downrated...

  • I'm a white girl and I love black guys. I love any guy, white or black or Hispanic, who exudes confidence and takes care of his body is handsome and thinks I'm pretty. The rest is all learned through experience. You never know for sure if a thug is really a sweetheart or if a preppy white jock is a closet pervert until you jump in and take him home. I'm always open to learning more about any man that pushes my buttons and makes me tingle because white or black, he could turn out to be my perfect man. So far, none have proven themselves worthy of me which would include men from a variety of backgrounds and races. Black athletes, Hispanic entrepreneurs, white business men, and one Greek restauranteur. All in all dozens of men have caught my eye and been given opportunities to show me how awesome they are yet I'm still looking. That said, I've dated a great many black men who were drop dead marriage material but for minor issues such as a family who couldn't accept a white girl daughter or him cheating or other stupid things. Black men in general, not all, are very hot, attentive, passionate lovers with style and swag and everything a girl could want in a man. White guys, I think, are in general less passionate and more focused on how they're perceived by others by having a hot girl on their arm. They think a good job and a cute wife equals success in the eyes of the community. They seem to be more interested in how I make them look rather than how they can please me. Black guys leave all that status BS aside and just focus on me, what I'm wearing, how great my body looks, how sexy my makeup is, and just ooze sexuality and physical attraction. They, mostly, without much effort, make me feel like I'm the most beautiful woman in the world. What's not to love?

  • i personally prefer white guys and am white. I don't know if it is a fashion trend or not, though I've seen it, it isn't very prominent where I live.

    but if I had to say, I think these days being "black and gangsta" is supposed to be cool. actually, I don't know if that's true. apparently being emo and a scene kid is cool?

    but interracial dating is becoming more and more prominent. I'd like to think it's perhaps because people are becoming more open to the idea that race is not a boundary within which we should enclose ourselves. instead, we feel freer to consider people from other ethnic backgrounds as potential partners, based on personality as well as attraction.

    • Frigin hell...why must people lyk yourself refer or bracket in the word gangsta with black...i didn't ask what you saw in gangsters, I sed black men. we're humans...

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    • Most nonblack people see "Gansta" as cool not black people. Just because you watch BET or MTV you think black people are like what you see in videos. Checkit if you've lived in the hood you know what a real gangster is and you know its not cool. Selling drugs, carrying guns, and living in fear of the cops and a bullet is not glamourous or cool. Its a very stressful, lonely, and unhappy life and very uncool. Most gangsters would much rather have grown up with both parents and live in the burbs.

    • Ahh np = no problem.....it all makes perfect sence now! :P

  • Nothing against them, but that just doesn't seem to be the case for me or any of my white friends. I can only think of one who's had any kind of long-term thing with a black guy. I've actually seen it the other way more, as two of my black female friends have had relationships with white guys.

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  • Honestly there was once a time I really used to worry about this and was somewhat offended by inter-racial dating. I must note I said at one time. I have spend a good deal of time thinking about the whys and what for's of why inter-racial dating is such an issue. The conclusion I have come to is that in the end it really doesn't matter to me any more. People are difficult to understand, and trying to understand what motivates them to make the choices they do is even more difficult, as often times they don't even understand themselves. I don't have any major race issues and can get along with most anybody. Keeping this in mind race is just a color. I'm not discounting that there are cultural differences between races, just that if you really take the time to get to know somebody that it seems to me that their race really seems to fall into the background, at least for me anyway. I work with a large population of African Americans and speaking for myself the longer I have known them the more it seems to me that we are all just people and that most of us want the same sorts of things. Respect, dignity, safety, to be loved, to be treated well. As for some of the other supposed reasons people feel they date other races, I can't really say. In my opinion if you feel the need to have some sort of justification for dating anybody regardless of race, then perhaps you should really re evaluate the reason you are seeing them. My comments are simply to express some of my views and not to offend anybody, and it is my hope that I haven't. Ultimately we are all just people, we have strengths and weaknesses and I feel the sooner we can accept that the sooner we will be able to live together peacefully.

    • Lol thanks for that Bvroon....but that doesn't answer my boody question lol I appreciate the time spent on your comment though. you are part of a small and select ggroup of americans that can actually see past colour.

  • For the most part women like black men, because they are men... lol in order for anything to make children with anything else there needs to be a 97% or more genetic similarity. Black people as a whole tend to be more masculine too, which obviously is attractive to women(not so much to men). White people are at a middle and Asians are generally feminine. As for penis size and better sexual instincts that is like trying to say a black man has a different brain then a white man. This however is impossible, because the instinctual part of the brain which controls sexuality is NOT different between human people. In fact the instinct part of the brain is the same in ALL mammalian animals. The penis size thing is most likely a result of diet and lifestyle rather then genetics. I am considered white though I am half Spanish and not to brag, but I'm far from small lol. I put the cause on my heavy protein diet and loose clothes(typical of most black men). I'm far from gangster though lol. I just like cheese and meat and why should I waste money buying pants my size or smaller when I'll have to buy some more? Scientists have already mapped the human genome and have yet to find any genes relative to how big a mans penis is.

    • Everyone who reads what you read is now a dumber for doing so. makes no sense at all.

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    • Ok...i understood what you said but...okay.....

    • Wow.. this is all wrong. I've seen some pretty wimpy black guys. The reason why some "white girls" would want to be with a black guy is because they want to fit in. I have many black guy friends and have seen how some white chicks would LOVE to get their attention because most of my black guy friends would be pretty loud and would have everybody's head turning. They eventually get tired of the attention.. and seriously egoism takes up a HUGE role on this.

  • It is the desire of rebellion rooted in people of all deeply. In earlier times, pretty white hot prototype "Mandingo" black, would sit on the porch of her staring across the field burning. Freud described based on the foundation of the idea of ??cultural and Mandingo as awareness of subtle implicit.

    I believe without exception by the universal, all white women would like to have sex of their father. This is also obvious in women you have never met his father. Also, when you say someone, and you have never met parents they, this is a lie. If the parent you do not meet was a father, a woman is made of sperm of the father in part, she says that you have never met are similar to her father to say, "I myself never met "

    So, when you crave sex father, she, and other men will start the IEGE to the wallet indirectly women. because they are taught that the gender of the parent is wrong we in hueristical society, we are pursuing the acquisition relational wrong in order to fix this. This white woman appears in the self sub-conscious like you're trying to display the visible through the action bad or negative father invisible anger.

    Are built the automatic instinct to keep the white daughter of his white ones penis other than because it penetrates sexually among white men all the father. Caucasian woman comes to Mandingo prototype, she is pursuing the **** of her father unknowingly. By accepting delivery of Mandingo meat spear, white master / father claims the power of the white master / father to take away the power of the Mandingo, unbeknownst frequently and secretly to the body that it appears she I'm looking forward to.

    Moreover, according to Freud (Samuels P.194) Interestingly, it is in the pursuit of Mandingo white **** / white submission power relationship. In pursuit of his white women, is Neguroido, seeking one of two results: finally white master appears, Man Dingo, Negroid his own father or sexual submission sexually in the pursuit, master sexual submission that you control that Neguroido man to submit a white. Negroids chase all extremes, such as power for Doxol paradigm.

    Finally, white women, is recognized as a tool by it there is a possibility that in order to find out what will leave you better sexually white master and Neguroido man is superior physically simply, plays a sexual chess You. It is only by that it is possible to achieve the ultimate realization of human / master gay and sexual satisfaction, to establish a dominant force in the arena of both. It is sad at this point that you have abandoned as a function of their Negronon to "hunt out" are obligated Caucasian woman.

    This describes the height of the recidivism rate in lesbian population. Born in 1976 exactly the pair submitted binding of male Negron and white Caucasian woman to exclude white women populaces completely because, lesbian white women, after the assumption of research and James Faulkner rise like this Pre-proof curtails that you are engaged in the lesbianism.�

  • Another good question you should ask is why majority of the white women dating the black men are white trash. out of these interracial couples, like 90% of them I see, the white girl is like white trash. I rarely ever see a classy white chick dating a black man. Another good question you should ask.

    • That is probablty thee most stupid racially provokative opinion I have heard in a long time. don't start quoting percentages, because percentages are based on facts...no a stupid guys excuse 4 adding in a bordering racist remark.

      only idiots make negatie observations on people they know nothing about. thanks 4 reminding the world how pathetic humans can be.

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    • Do classy white women exist ?

    • heidi klum and seal are now divorced because it turns out, seal is your typical hypersensitive, moody, jealous and posessive black guy. that's an intersting bit of pseudo afrocentric history you just vomited up. what other internt conspiracy theories can you share with us?

  • They dont, just a minority of white women. the percentage is too small for you to say "white girls" without using the word "some" in front of it in the question you are asking.

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