Why Do White Chicks Love Black Guys?

Is it a fashion trend or something deeper? I would love to know what white girls find so fascinating in my ethnic group...Ive seen perfectly decent, smart white girls go for the most wasted black guys, simply because their black...is it a pheromone we're excreting out of our skin? lol or is it a personality/ culture issue?

Hey people, firstly it's been awhile since I've been on here and I'm appalled at my use of language and grammar! Lol it's truly been an eye opener and seeing how much I've grown and changed! :-D

Secondly Merry Christmas all and have a Happy New Year!


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  • Well sometimes it seems like black guys are the only guys who ever show interest in me.

    Lets face it, black guys are better than white guys at showing interest in a girl, so more times than not they are probably going to get the girl.

    Another reason is, like others said, black guys tend to be cool and funny. They also tend to be more muscular and athletic -->sexy.

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      To your second comment...don't you think most white guys are scared of girls? A black guy will step up if you will. And of course girls like it. Doesn't matter white black asian. Women like a guy that can step up take charge and protect them. Confidence of a black man is unparalled. I think it comes from being tested by racist pieces of sh*t since the day you're born.

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      yea black guys show interest in a girl by behaving like an absolute serial rapist.

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      Exactly, they for some reason generally have more confidence. Girls are attracted to confidence, that's really all there is to say about "why".