"Nice guys are ugly, hot guys are jerks, and hot nice guys are gay."

I saw a Facebook group with that name...what do you guys and girls think of that statement?


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  • "Nice guys are ugly"

    - Wrong. They are "unattractive"... Ugly is a statement to which we find something offensive. I know several "Nice Girls and Nice Guys" that are very helpful towards different situations, but I would not date either (For one.. I'm not gay.. for two- the women don't have a potential attraction in my heart).

    "Hot guys are jerks"

    - Wrong. Just because a guy appears to work out 3 times a week (Ex. US-Marine), does not mean he is a jackass. Some guys that are narcistic could become jerks after time, but the term "hot" is not associated with being "a bitch or a jerk". It's associated with the fact that they are intimidating. So the attractive people get fed up with "shy people" approaching them, after many repetitive attempts- people will become frustrated repeating the same phrase "I'm not interested, move on". So they show the jerk / bitch appearance of just smirking and walking away.

    -- On the opposite spectrum, one of my "brotherhood" members from highschool is very attractive... No homo. This guy is a ladies man and very appealing to the women's eyes; however, he is STILL... NOT... A JERK... He is the biggest sweatheart in the world that is a comedian and a smartass- but he isn't a "jerk". A jerk is someone that belittles others for their own entertainment, or uses that other person, etc.

    "Hot nice guys are gay"

    - Another untrue statement. The hot nice guys are either taken, married, busy, educated, or otherwise- but you couldn't overgeneralize and say "All of this species of 'hot guys' are GAY". On an alternative spectrum, not "ALL HOT WOMEN" are bitches <-- Notice the "NOT" before that statement.

    You cannot, ever, overgeneralize and be correct. Everything in life is on an individualistic basis; which is the same reason behind why no one could gaurantee the answer to the questions here of: "Does he like me" or "Is he interested" or "Is my penis large enough" etc.

    - P.s. some of those questions are very annoying.

    Best regards,



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  • I think it's hilarious.

    • Haha me too, but at the same time I don't completely agree. Do you agree?

    • No, it's just a generalization, but it is entertaining.

  • im a nice looking guy and always pull and I'm an overly nice guy its just in my nature, I'm also very sensitve and an emotional person, but I do also have the other side aswell that if my people confuse my niceness with weakness ill turn, so I have been in loads of fights because of this esp under the influence of drink. but no I'm a good looking guy and I'm what you'd class as the nice guy and it doesn't stop me getting girls.

    • Nice to know guys like you are actually out there =)

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