Why do girls always pull back when the guy is interested?

girls do this to me all the time , I meet them and become interested in them , than they pull back and like yeah aren't that interested anymore or just nervous that I was interested in them in the first place .

i don't know how to describe it all but I find this behavior to be rather common in girls .


Most Helpful Girl

  • i think the problem isn't with the girls but with you :S

    I only do that with people I was never interested in, in the first place, and when I realize they ARE interested.

    I think you're either misreading friendliness as interest, or you're meeting a lot of girls who like to flirt and like getting attention but that's as far as it goes. or both.

    i'd say everyone likes getting attention to a certain extent because it's an ego-boost, but I don't ever consciously flirt with guys I am not interested in.

    ok, now that I think about it, perhaps with SOME, but those are the semi-interest ones, and it's only very light flirting. the ones I am 100% not interested in - I never ever flirt with. it's because in order to flirt with someone, I need some sort of attraction, or I can't do it to begin with. I am just normal and friendly with them. and I've found oftentimes, they are the ones that seem to think that talking as friends must mean more than... talking as friends.

    so what exactly is it that makes you think they were interested originally? there is no clear-cut formula as people are different, but in general there are a few telling things that apply to most girls, not all of course.