What does it mean when a guy tells you he misses you?

well I am 26 years old and happily married with my wonderful husband. but lately I have a best friend who I know for 12 years since 1997 until now. he has a girlfriend and they have three kids 2gether and I love the kids. but he been telling me that he misses me. because we don't see each other that much until this year. because he is a nurse and the girlfriend is a nurse too. but now we been going to the movies every other Tuesdays. but I saw him over the weekend because he works at a place that called a group home where I used to live. and we was talking and he told me that I have the key to his heart. and it looks like he was kinda sad that I got married. so then we text each other. and he always tell me that he don't like to text but if it is me he will text me back sometimes then if I ask him did you get my text he says yes I did but I couldn't text because of the girlfriend was there. for many years. I have always called him babe or honey. and he never gets upset at me or he don't tell me to stop. then he says that I am cute. and things like that. what dose all of this mean? can someone please help me and answer my question please. thanks jess


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  • When someone says they miss you it just means they miss having you around. So I wouldn't read into that part much. The key to his heart bit hmm.. it sounds like he isn't happy and wishes you two had maybe got together. I doubt he will do anything though, too complicated.


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  • The man is in love with you. Deeply.