How do you girls react to ugly and good looking guys you see?

when you girls see an ugly guy say on the train, how do you react, do you stare, look away. never make eye contact what. and if you see a good looking guy you are attracted to, how do you react, with body language, with staring, eye contact, what.


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  • Well, like you said, if it was just on a train or something, I wouldn't care that much. I mean, it's just a random person. If it was an attractive guy though... well, I'd probably still act the same, but maybe smile at him or something.


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  • if I'm not attracted to him I would look at him the same way as I would look at any one else. If I am attracted to him then I might stare/glance or I might get shy and avoid eye contact depending on the mood and how I'm feeling at the time, hope this helps

  • Well, when I see 'ugly' guys I usually just don't pay much attention to them, I'd proboally look at them for a few seconds and that's it.

    When I see good looking guys, I usually look at them depending on were they are sitting. If their sitting behind me I usually give a few glances, if they are sitting like in front of me or a few seats away I usually just stare at them from time to time.

  • I don't pay much attention to ugly guys I don't know. If I'm attracted to them then I try to make eye contact a few times and maybe flash a smile

  • ugly guys- don't pay attention to them/ignore them...sometimes if I think he might talk to me I will try to look preoccupied

    good looking- look at him but try not to let him catch me, maybe smile


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