Why is it okay for a girl to stalk a guy? But it's not okay for a guy to stalk a girl? why? how come?

How come the consequences are more severe if a guy stalks a girl? or just gets accused of stalking a girl? That's what I f***in' hate about society, that if a guy gets accused of stalking a girl, the consequences for him will be severe, but if a girl is accused of stalking a guy, the cops, or police will usually go easy on her. Because often times the guy never meant to stalk the girl in the first place, the guy was just doing his job, his gender role in society because girls do not chase or pursue guys, like girls do not seek out potential boyfriends. The reason why is because, even though I am 22 now, when I was 16, I was accused of stalking a girl, good thing I was not arrested and there was no charges pressed against me, except that I was interrogated by 2 or 3 security guards and a Cop, and the Cop was all tough with me. I still hate that Cop and that girl who accused me of stalking her with a huge passion.

If that girl just told me straight in my face that she was not interested, or told me to leave her alone, I would have done so, seriously, she is a f***in' bitch!
I refuse to move on until I get a girlfriend
Seriously, girls have it so much easier, they can get any guy they want who approaches them or makes advances on them, but us guys can't get every guy we want on who we make advances on.


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  • Are we talking social or legal consequences?

    Social consequences = both the same. If a girl stalks a guy, she's a nutcase... if a guy stalks a girl, he's a nutcase.

    The law is more interested in men stalking women because stalking is usually a form of malicious intent and tends to preclude violence. There are many cases of men who have stalked and then killed women. I've never heard of the reversal.

    Yes, there are some reasons why it sucks to be a man (the law may come down heavier on you), but if you think there are no men out there who lie... you are very much mistaken. There are many, many disadvantages to being female too, so I wouldn't turn it into a gender thing.

    I think the real people you should blame is those cops as they don't seem to be doing their jobs well.

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      Yeah, if only that girl told me straight in my face for me to leave her alone, I would have granted her wish.

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      Well, maybe she was too intimidated... if not, she's a bit of a nutty woman and the cops were a bit harsh with you. Either way, it's not because society as a whole is out to get men.