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Why she keeps calling?

why does my ex girl friend keep calling me she broke up with me then asked to be friends I said no and she still calls do you know why

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  • Its because she's missing you now that you are gone. Thinks she made a mistake by breaking up with you. Or she wants to use you as her"seatfiller" until she meets someone new.

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  • cause she's indecisive...and unstable. =Headcase. She realized she made a mistake, but rather than admit that to you, she's trying to subliminally let you know that she was wrong, by calling you. I mean he if you like the clingy/attention whore type...give her another shot. Just realize she comes with some extra baggage.

  • did you ignore her or really say no to her because ignoring leaves room for them to try harder?

    • I said no

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