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Should I say hi to him?

Back in the beginning of the school year, I liked this guy, and I'm pretty sure he liked me too, but we're both extremely shy, so we never really talked. Now we don't have class together, and I usually only see him once between classes.However, sometimes when I'm walking with my friends in the hallway, we go into their classroom, and he's in there. I don't know if he still likes me, but either way I'd like to be friends.But I'm REALLY shy. :( Should I just say hi? And how?

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  • Yes, say hi. Like when you enter a class he's already in or passing by in the hallway. If there's a time when the two of you are near by and neither of you are talking, just chillin or whatever, ask what's up or hows it going. Its a way to start a conversation, which is a way to start a friendship. And if he does like you, he probably wants you to talk to him first, since you've stated he is shy.

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