Why can't guys express their feelings?

I'm just really curious to the answer?


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  • Hurt feelings. Guys can take allot and dish it out just the same. A guy can be beaten up but can take the abuse, he can be told to go f**k off and he probably will with out a second thought (unless he hits the other guy). However our emotions are the one thing that the male body can't heal from or become stronger. Guys can get there feelings hurt pretty badly. I know I would rather get into a fight and have my hand cut off than get my feelings messed up. It's easier to deal with. We just have a hard time exposing ourselves. I do know, though, that girls have a hard time letting guys know what they feel in a way that guys understand. So it almost works out even. Also at your age (under 18) Guys are going to put on the whole macho thing. They are young bucks that are also going through allot of emotional changes (guys exit puberty 21-23 which is why drinking age is 21 in the US look it up if you want to know more) Which is why guys will be really spontaneous and will go through the jerk stage.


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  • Hello,

    the truth is women get turned off pretty quick by men who express there feelings, it removed challange which is what women look for, exposes the man as weak and women lose interest and respect for him as a result. To say the words "I love you" to a women will only result in rejection, women are atracted to mystry and confidence, being expressive with your feelings is weak and boring..

  • That is Incorrect. I share feelings all the times with females (friends and girlfriend). Really hard to do the same with the guys. not because they will think of me as a wuss (on the contrary they might listen. being intellectual and all) but in the back of my mind I am thinking "what good is gonna come out of this?"

  • Because Priority Mail is Cheaper.

  • Lol, this is like the question "Why do girls always get mad at guys and then when the guy says "why are you mad? " the girl says "You know why! " when in reality the guy doesn't know.

    In the United States, many guys tend to lean towards machoism. If a guy shows his feelings, he is considered to be soft, feminine, or gay. That translates into the same behavior when faced with a girl where they don't want the girl to think the same of them. Also, don't forget that girls tend to have a higher sense of emotion than guys do (the reason why girls more often cry at a high school graduation then guys do). I hope this helped answer your question. :)

  • Because that ruins the fun :) Girls always seem to tell me that they like someone that expresses their feelings and is really open about things, but unless you're already in some form of relationship, I've always found that it ruins things and leaves nothing to fun and / or mystery, and thus early on passion is broken.

    In a relationship, that is a communication problem. I think someone that cannot open up to someone that is supposed to be their partner is pretty annoying and I'd hold both guys and girls to the same standards.

  • We're shown that emotions are weak and men have to be strong

  • First of all a guy expressing his feelings is not gay, or weak, or whatever ( its illogical ).

    For me, expressing your feelings is healthy because it bridges the gap. It makes each other understand what is lacking in a relationship - or being sensitive of what others wants or needs emotionally. And through this expression we fill those gaps and may we cause happiness to each other. Misunderstading is one factor leading to a fight or an unhealthy relationship.

    Conclusion: Its one of the love languages of the girls. so why not speak it.

  • Horny is a feeling, we express that all the time


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  • Because guys are dumb? No, I'm just kidding. Kind of.

    Men seem to believe that expressing their feelings is showing weakness, and vulnerability. I don't agree with it, but I myself, have a hard time expressing my feelings to men. So I guess I understand where they're coming from, alittle.

    Verbal expressions are really difficult, because, it makes you feel weak towards the other person. And once you tell them how you feel, itz like confirming that he has that kind of control over your feelings. When I tell a guy how I feel, I feel like I'm stripping off a little bit of myself, for him. And thats good and bad at the same time. Good, because it will give him reassurance of where he stands in your life, but bad because, what if he doesn't feel the same way? When someone knows how you feel, you can easily get hurt by that person. But that is just my opinion. Based on experience. I think guys are afraid of the same thing? But then I'm not a guy so I don't know.

    I usually express my feelings through actions. Like the way I look at him; the way I touch him; the way I care for him. Etc. I think men are the same way. They express better in actions.

    I know we have to hear it sometimes, but just be patient, and when they feel secure enough with you, they will eventually open up, little by little. Never pressure them, or ask. Just enjoy the moment :)

  • If a guys into you, he WILL Show HIS feelings! No matter what, so if he not willing to show now, he probably won't, TRUST ME!

    • Yes I agree with this comment but I understand what the person who asking the question I wondering. Men may show their feelings by certain body language i.e eye contact etc but when their doing this and not saying how they feel , this can confuse a girl...I'm sorta in this situation myself at the moment!!

    • I agree, I hate to sound like I know it but, men are like "Black and white" either they like you or they don't and if they are saying on thing and doing another, then there always that saying, actions speak louder than words. But men are not as complicated as "we" woman are, I can admit that! So there actions are truly straight foward.

  • Feeling is a crutch.