Why can't guys express their feelings?

I'm just really curious to the answer?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Hurt feelings. Guys can take allot and dish it out just the same. A guy can be beaten up but can take the abuse, he can be told to go f**k off and he probably will with out a second thought (unless he hits the other guy). However our emotions are the one thing that the male body can't heal from or become stronger. Guys can get there feelings hurt pretty badly. I know I would rather get into a fight and have my hand cut off than get my feelings messed up. It's easier to deal with. We just have a hard time exposing ourselves. I do know, though, that girls have a hard time letting guys know what they feel in a way that guys understand. So it almost works out even. Also at your age (under 18) Guys are going to put on the whole macho thing. They are young bucks that are also going through allot of emotional changes (guys exit puberty 21-23 which is why drinking age is 21 in the US look it up if you want to know more) Which is why guys will be really spontaneous and will go through the jerk stage.