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Girl avoids eye contact becuase she likes me or doesn't want to lead me on?

In college, this girl has same major/same classes. At first I wasn't interested cause I thought she was taken and I don't know she still might be but... Show More

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  • I tend to do that, and contrary to the regular presumption, many girls do that.

    Just look at it rationally... It's well known that some girls can be "flirts" and tend to make eye contact even if they aren't that interested.

    On the other side a girl can make eye contact by accident, just staring around and happen to catch your eyes.

    They also don't have to look at you at all, and not make eye contact because they simply don't know you exists.

    If she doesn't care about you at all, everything above makes sense.

    But if she showed interest, or acknowledges your existence. Talks to you but absolutely avoids eye contact after that... Yes, she likes you.

    When you think she is looking past you, there is usually nothing interesting there. I can almost guarantee you that if someone asked her what she was looking at 3 sec ago, she wouldn't be able to answer.

    Why avoid eye contact?

    Same reason,people play flirting games to avoid confession.

    For me it's usually the thought of him figuring out, I like him, that scares me. Or even, the distraction he represents for me when I'm doing something.

    It could be number of similar reasons, but if she acts like this, 80% she likes you.

    Other 20%? She is just really mean and is messing with your head. =/

    • Alright cool, thanks for the help!

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