Why don't guys like 2 cuddle?

so guys y don't you like 2 cuddle?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Maybe it is the term lol...

    Seriously, I am fine with the logistics of it, but the fact we call it cuddling,I really wish there was a more neutral common term for it.

    I remember when I met my boyfriend & I was sitting on t other side of the room, cause I had never been there&bi was trying it find a comfortable place to be, & he said, " can I come be with you" It was so cute, & so not cheesy , which I was ever so great-ful for.

    He also says stuff like "How are you doing over there?"- meaning come be with me.

    So, I am fine with the cuddling,but I would sooner not cuddle the say lets cuddle.

    I am honestly surprised that so many people have no problem with the word lol