Ladies, do you like us guys to be submissive or dominant? (POLL)

So me and my best female friend have been talking about hooking up and making out. And she says she likes he guy to make the first move and that in extreme cases she makes the first move. She also says I should show more initiative ad make the first move, but I'm more of a submissive person. So I don't want to make the first move because of the fear of rejection. So this made me question:

Which do girls like better a dominant guy or a submissive guy?

  • Vote A I like the guy to be submissive
  • Vote B I like the guy to be dominant
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  • Here's the deal- it's not really one or the other all the time. Honestly, no girl wants an entirely submissive guy, but it's more of a continuum rather than just black or white. Some guys are very dominant in all aspects of their lives (must be on the upper end of the power dynamic in a relationship, must be the leader, must make decisions,must make the first move) and therefore want girls who are willing to be more submissive. Some guys are very submissive (tend to let others make all the decisions, let others make the move, don't have upper hand in the power dynamic) so they want a girl who is more dominant. But most guys fall somewhere in between, as do most girls. I personally don't mind making the first move if I really like a guy and just because he doesn't make a move doesn't make him unattractive, nor does it make him entirely submissive. Lots of guys are shy at first but once you get to know them in a relationship they assert themselves quite a bit.

    Basically, it's a personal preference amongst girls,as it is with guys. What you need is to find a girl who compliments you on the spectrum of dominance, if you're in the low end of the middle (which it kind of sounds like to me), you need a girl in the high end of the middle.


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      I agree with this greatly, like I'm opinionated when one knows me but can come off shy to those who don't - to the extent of seeming like a hollow shell. The guy has to be able to break through my shyness barrier - and so must have some degree of dominance, but should be able to realize that even though I seem like a bit of a zombie at first has to be able to take the fact that I can actually think for myself. Relationships are all about balance.