Can a girl tell if you like her? How can she tell if she likes you too?

how can you tell if a guy likes you? how can I tell if she's showing that same interest as well?


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  • In my opinion you can only tell interest over a period of time dating. Why?

    1. A lot of signs that people try to use like "She's playing with her hair, she likes me", can be wrong. She could be playing with her hair because it's bugging her that day or she's trying to get it out of her face.

    2. In general, people are polite. So you go on a date, you had a great time and are interested, you think your date was too and then later she turns you down for a 2nd date. What happened? You thought she was interested in you on the 1st date when the truth was she wasn't but she was polite and, of course, would not be giving you attitude or telling you "Sorry, but I am not into you".

    3. People's minds change a lot in those early stages of dating. I like to say that it is more like a windy road than a straight path to love. We go back and forth thinking about how much we like someone and whether we can see them for the long term.

    So, to know this is to understand that you cannot tell from a first date or maybe even the 3rd if this will last or not.

    If you are just referring to whether a girl is showing enough interest for you to even ask her out, well I would say sometimes even that is tricky as some girls can be flirty and appear interested when that is just their nature. Overall, if a girl pays attention to what you say, laughs at your jokes and never appears to be trying to cut a conversation off, you can try asking her out. There is no guarantee she will say yes, and you need to know that and be prepared to not take it as personal.

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      Well that's discouraging.

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      You make this sound more difficult than it actually is, there is obvious ways to know if you like somebody on the first date. Have you ever heard of one night stands or kissing on the first date?

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      Jacksparrow55, the two examples you give are not very helpful. I am talking about relationships, not just casual sex. I don't believe in kissing on the first date, and, even if I did, it can mean nothing. There are posts on this site where people have kissed and even made out or had sex, and it meant nothing. No second date came from it. So, no, sex and kissing on a first date do not mean the person likes you enough for more to come from it.