He doesn't talk to me, but he stares at me. What can this mean?

Okay. I met this guy in November. We flirted a little but nothing came of it. He came up on suggested friends on Facebook so I added him and he never did anything with it so I canceled it.

Now I see him every other week, and he doesn't talk to me, but he stares at me. A lot. But he doesn't smile or anything.

Like, I smiled at him the other day, and he still just stared.

I'm also pretty sure he was trying to show off last time I saw him.

So, tell me what you think.

I'm so frustrated by this. It's not that I like him just yet, but I'm really interested in him.


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  • Maybe he is staring at you because he recognizes your face, but can't remember where he knows you from and so he is trying to figure that out in his head. It is weird that when you smile at him he doesn't smile back however. Maybe try to add him again, and send a message with it saying that you met him last November and he seemed cool so you wanted to keep in touch.

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      That's what I did last time when he did nothing with it.

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      Well maybe this dude isn't worth your time if he is going to act like that then.