What kind of colognes do girls like on guys? What brands, kinds of smell do they like?

I am just curious, I always see those ax commercials where the girls are all over the guys, but I smell it and I just can't see how any girl could... Show More

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  • I do love me some Axe, no one in particular- they are just very masculine and light, some have a woodier scent then the others. I also love the smell of Aqua Di Gio its light, fresh and a classic. But its really how it works with your body's pheromones that makes it a good vs. a bad scent.

    • This got me curious. Do you know what 'Axe' scents you have smelled before? I know you said no one in particular, but I purchased a bottle of the stuff on a whim once, Phoenix I believe, with a blue bird on it or something. It smelled like B/O I'd be happy to spend so little on something that the women would enjoy if I knew it would smell unlike a fat sweaty man. Till then I'll have to stick with my Polo Double Black.=P

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    • Aha! I'll be all ears!

    • Mmm, I fancy myself some axe too. Couldn't say on what kind, but there was this one kind that was just....Oooooh *jizzle*