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What kind of colognes do girls like on guys? What brands, kinds of smell do they like?

I am just curious, I always see those ax commercials where the girls are all over the guys, but I smell it and I just can't see how any girl could... Show More

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  • I do love me some Axe, no one in particular- they are just very masculine and light, some have a woodier scent then the others. I also love the smell of Aqua Di Gio its light, fresh and a classic. But its really how it works with your body's pheromones that makes it a good vs. a bad scent.

    • This got me curious. Do you know what 'Axe' scents you have smelled before? I know you said no one in particular, but I purchased a bottle of the stuff on a whim once, Phoenix I believe, with a blue bird on it or something. It smelled like B/O I'd be happy to spend so little on something that the women would enjoy if I knew it would smell unlike a fat sweaty man. Till then I'll have to stick with my Polo Double Black.=P

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    • Aha! I'll be all ears!

    • Mmm, I fancy myself some axe too. Couldn't say on what kind, but there was this one kind that was just....Oooooh *jizzle*

What Girls Said 5

  • I've got to admit that my favourite scent on a guy is the scent of laundry! Maybe this is just me, but the other day I hung out with a hot guy and he smelled like laundry and I could have came right on the spot.

  • Go into hollister and buy any one of their colognes.. Theirs are delicious and I go crazy for all guys who wear that lol

  • I have to admit, the cheaper stuff...well, we can tell its cheap. Splurge a little on Hollister, which I think trumps Abercrombie's suffocating cologne anyday.

  • I personally love axe! loll but usually if you don't like the scent than the girls won't either. but besides axe I'd recommend lacoste, polo, or usher

What Guys Said 3

  • Lacoste

  • I'd beg to differ on the no fruit smells o.O I get many compliments from women when I wear lacoste pour homme which has certain fruit notes to it. Polo double black gets more notice though, and stays longer. It also seems to refresh itself now and then in a rather subtle but noticable way.

  • Issey Miyake is the sh*t. I tend to get a lot of attention from girls when I wear it. My girlfriend especially loves it when I wear it. You should try it. ^_^

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