Why do guys try to make their girlfriends jealous on purpose?

OK so dis is a mean thing guys do at times which I don't like, there was dis guy once who was always trying to make me feel jealous (never worked btw) by mentioning how hot dis chick or that chick was , even though we weren't dating but he always kinda said that we both should hook up & I always used to brush it off as a joke, but even so guys who are in relationships sometimes even try to make their girlfriends jealous, why?


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  • ego. they want to know they really are "all that" and worth fighting for. Lots of guys get a sick thrill from having 5 or 6 girls fight over them. Those guys are usually player and/or cheaters. But men like to be cared for and appreciated as much as us women.

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      U know what ur so right, that guy was a cheater/player and still is thankgoodness I never fell for him.