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Why do guys try to make their girlfriends jealous on purpose?

OK so dis is a mean thing guys do at times which I don't like, there was dis guy once who was always trying to make me feel jealous (never worked... Show More

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  • ego. they want to know they really are "all that" and worth fighting for. Lots of guys get a sick thrill from having 5 or 6 girls fight over them. Those guys are usually player and/or cheaters. But men like to be cared for and appreciated as much as us women.

    • U know what ur so right, that guy was a cheater/player and still is thankgoodness I never fell for him.

What Guys Said 2

  • usually to try to get them to appreciate what they have.

  • sometimes we just want to know you care. so if you through a fit we might just smile and think "aww she does care!"

    but sometimes guys are jerks and don't even try to get you jealous... they just like being a d***. so be careful for those! XD

What Girls Said 2

  • Can I ask you a question? Why do you spell 'this' as "dis" or 'said' as "sed"? Its really irritating. And it makes you seem like you are either still in junior high or just plain dumb.

    • Cuz its faster to type dis way, and if you can't answer the question don't bother making irrelevant comments and wasting ur time because then that makes you like ur still in junior high, ciao no heart feelings mate at least you understood what you read right? so don't make it an issue lol

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    • ::pops aspirin:: Good luck girly. Haha.

    • Goodluck to you too tc

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