Why does my husband's friend stare at me?

the first time I seen him looking and me he was getting dress to go to the club with my husband but my husband was up stairs getting ready, and... Show More

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  • Hmmm. Interesting. Not only do I think that that man was being overly-flirtatious with you, I also think that your husband couldn't care less about that face. Unfortunately, my usual advice in this situation would be to talk to your husband about it. Seeing as you already have and he has shown such a nonchalant attitude about it, I would suggest that you do some investigating... try to figure out what's going on here. It seems like there are two things that you need to be looking into. 1) Why this guy seems to show such an interest in you and 2) why your husband doesn't really care about it.

    Your husband... does he normally show such a lack of interest in your daily activities? If he's normally this oblivious or usually misses this much detail, it may not even be out of the ordinary, but if the guy's pretty smart, I can't say that I would be happy with the response that you got from him.

    So, bottom line: Figure out what's going on with you husband (even if it isn't anything big, it seems to me like you feel hurt by what he said or did). Then, I would move on to this new guy and see what's up with him.

    • My husband he as a very bad temper so when I told him and he don't react like I thought he would I got very upset, he only do it when my husband not around and I know that a 4yr ago my husband said that he had seen some naked pic of me but this was years ago

    • Well, I think that you should definitely do some investigating. I'm not positive that there's a "conspiracy" going on, but I think that there are definitely things that you need to clear up.... and I mean need, not want. There's something rotten in Denmark (something fishy going on).