What does it mean when random guys stare at you?

I noticed it a lot in the last time and I feel really uncomfortable with it

So I've been abroad for a semester and came back around February. Since then I noticed that some guys,I don't even know, staring at me. It's like I would have something on my face,but I checked it, and I didn't

There was this one time when a guy kept staring at me in class, but I knew him and we started talking, so it wasn't that awkward. But I noticed him staring at me often since then.

Another time I was talking to a friend in front of our class and there was another guy staring at me. He didn't even seem to notice it, when I looked right into his eyes

Or just yesterday, I went over to a friend to ask him sth. He was standing with a bunch of people I've seen around before but never talked to them,and again there was one guy staring at me all the time

And sometimes I just feel like some people are staring at me at the campus and I find it really intimidating. Does it mean something? Or is it just me getting paranoid?

So I'm only back here for a couple of months and I didn't get drunk or hooked up with somebody, so couldn't be any stories about me going around.

sorry its so long :)


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  • Ur just getting a little paranoid