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See you soon?

When guys say "see you soon" in a text message does it mean they don't want to see you anymore?

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  • All of us guys just had another meeting, and we decided that from now on "see you soon" means that we plan on seeing you again soon. Unless of course, whenever we talk to a given woman we unfailingly give a specific date and time at which to see her again, and then at some point decide we don't want to see her again, in which case we voted to allow saying "see you soon" as a way of efficiently ending the conversation without obligating ourselves further. This was all effective as of March 1, 2010. ; - )

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  • Means they want to see you again but not really anything planned

  • It just means there are no formal plans yet but he is open to making plans later on. Men are more direct when they don't want to see you anymore.

  • no, on the contrary it means they think they'll see you in the nearby future, it means they want to see you

    • Really? so many of my girlfriends think that if he says "see you soon" in a text that means he isn't into you because he didn't specify a day or time frame. Good to know! This guy I'm kind of seeing used "i'll see you soon" in a text message on tuesday night. We have been seeing each other for about 3 weeks now. You think he is still interested?

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    • You see, he may really be interested in you, when guys don't know an answer they make up their own and its probably worst case scenario(yes, we do that too), so maybe he think you're ignoring him and playing hard to get, a lot of stuff could be going through his head, just try to see what's going through his head, if you are worried just call him and talk to him about it, guys really don't mind if a girls straighforward, so just call him up and say "hey, it seemed we really clicked, what happened"

    • Yes even though you texted him yesterday, you may think texting him a lot is annoying but really if a guy is annoyed about you texting him he's gonna make sure you know, guys love a girl texting them but actually call him not text him and talking to him, if you want this don't wait for it to fall in your lap be pro-activeand I forgot to say, no problem, I just want to help, message me anytime you got more questions

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  • You are reading way too into that. If a guy says "see you soon," it means just that. He hopes/plans on seeing you soon.

    • Is it the same when woman this see you real soon?

  • Well... A guy did't pick up my phone or text me back in the Christmas (yesterday) and this morning told me that he had a hangover and felt sick for the entire day. I was a bit angry with him and told him I was with somebody else in the Christmas. Just like 15 minutes later I called him and he ended our conversation by saying "see you soon, OK?". And he did not call or text me back until now.

  • I think it's best to not overanalyze things at this point - ya'll have only been dating for 3 weeks ya know? I wouldn't jump to conclusions just yet...

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