Why do girls always second choice a truly nice guy? And take a chance with the not so nice guy?

As in would rather have the slightly jerky not the best match of a man and deal with the mess of having the boyfriend who is not exactly the most well matched for her. And then when things don't work out, she is to hurt to give the nice guy a chance. but by then the nice guy has already moved on.

2 things. 1. Its hard t find a real man out there as it is. and 2. Girls are becoming very ghetto like, no manners, no class, lack of education and no vision for their life. what do you think?


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  • In the 1980's a song came out from Paula Abdul and the name of it was "Opposites attract" This is a very true fact of life. Sometimes your heart thinks it wants something so you through out all common sense and go completely for the person. If "Mr. Nice-person" is so nice and right then he would be waiting for you. About your "2 things". #1 is very true. There is over 6 billion people on the planet you never know where, when,why, or how you met the right person. One rule I follow when dating and love is that love is not about finding someone you can live with (that sounds like your trying to find a roommate) its about someone you can't live without. About #2 I have seen many girls acting "more ghetto" that is because more and more guys are gangsters or gangster "wanna-bes". Girls then get the very unwise idea that they have to be able to "roll" with the gangsters to get a guy. Don't fall into the deceiving looks of their lives their life is a lot more complicated then you'd think. Drive-by shootings, knowing about something then feeling remorse or guilt, and sometimes keeping up the act. I know it may seem like they aren't thinking (some of them probably aren't) but they really they do think and consider everything you are thinking about too.


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  • nice guys are great! but everyone wants a little bad boy. nice boys can be annoying as well. but in the end.we'd rather marry a nice guy so just stick around.

  • The not so nice guy is exciting,edgy and not secure.

    In life you got to take chances.

    Some girls use nice guys as a safety net, I don't do this but I think they feel if the not so nice guy doesn't work then I'll always have good old *insert name here*

  • Most of the time we second choice a nice guy, because the nice guy is sweet and all, but he's usually not exciting. He doesn't take us on exciting dates and do crazy things with us. Combine nice, and daredevil, and you'll be irresistible. Other times, however, it's just the same as when guys go for the skanky girl, the jerk is just better looking, girls are shallow too.

    I agree, a lot of girls gave lost their class. What can I say?

    • Well in my case.. not so much, I am actually a pretty exciting guy, very little time since I have a clothing co. and well... I guess I can say I have way to many talents. So I don't always like to show that side of me since I don't want to feel as I am trying to impress a girl with the things I know how to do and my funny side... I like to get a girl for how she is without all the bells and whistles of society's example of an exciting or fun date... get me? To much MTV I think.. hehe

  • Thats really easy!

    The same reason guys always choice the nice girl as their second choice!

    Answer: Because you know you can get her easily, we as the not so nice girl is more of a challenge!

  • I think girls do that because of the same reason that guys pick beezies over nice girls. I am a nice girl that suffers from second choice syndrome so I am just as confused as you are. But thinking about it, women are drawn to someone's status. If you are an attractive guy, but make almost no money, you won't seem as attractive. If you are nice, but are going nowhere, also not as attractive. Women will trade off niceness or attractiveness for other characteristics in a pairing such as commitment and means of support, even if it means this person is a jerk. As for your number 2 question, I believe girls are becoming like that because popular culture and guys make it seem okay to do that. Generally, guys don't like being around girls that are smarter than them. Men are challenged enough by other men, why be challenged by your partner. And if you enjoy being challenged, I can almost guarantee you want to come out winning in the end. Driven women are also not a pick for the general guy. Men have evolved genetically to want to provide for/protect their household or "nest". Check out how much of a guys strength is in his upper body. Since humans are the only primates to have stood up, it made a woman go from carrying her baby on her back, to into her arms. Because of this, she can't readily defend herself, which is where the man comes in (kind of like a pride of lions, the big male is there to defend them). A woman who is driven, can make a life for herself without the guy, could probably be a big turn off for a guy. So what do the women do? We lower our standards. "oh it's okay if I don't go to college, cause this guy I like will feel like he actually has a purpose" (beyond obvious companionship). As for manners and class, I believe that all came about because before the 60s, adolescents didn't have their own group; you went straight from kid to adult. Manners were imperative to the culture of the day. But once teens had their own social group and began defying their parents, the lack of manners followed them into adulthood. I just think since then, being classy, having manners, and not being selfish have all gone out the window. So that's what I think anyway, I hope it helps a little bit.


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  • It's fun to play games especially to chicks that play hard to get lol. It is just more fun to go after something that is a challenge than something you know you can get. And I guess its the same for girls if a "nice" guy is going for them they know they can get em any time they want because most are desperate and will still go after a chick even if they are treated bad, so if you do a little role reversal and treat the chick bad (not to an abusive stage) its weird but they like it because they can't just get it.

  • GHETTO?! Whatcha mean?! I have to call you out on that! Little off subject, I know. Why is it that being "ghetto" is always classified as a negative. No manners, no class, lack of education. I along with my family was born in the slums of DC. I've got plenty of class, manners and such. So do many of my friends and family. Maybe not up to whatever your standards are but. just look into what the word Ghetto really means and none of your depiction will come up.

    I'm not mad at you though playa. I just wanted to make you and others aware of what your portraying when you use statements like that. Be careful dude, it makes you sound uneducated, with no class or manners. We "ghetto" bred folks have been given a different set of cards to play with.that's all.

    By the way. I have learned that "nice" guys are not interesting to women after a while. Be honest, would you like a woman to do what you want, when you want, all the time? If you are like I think you are, wouldn't you like a little challenge or a rough edge here and there with a woman? I DO know where you are coming from though. It took me a long time and plenty of fly women walking away to figure that one out. I think women like to have there way ALL the time but with a little challenge. Being a jerk isn't the answer, but I have learned that they like MEN and not "girlfriend" type of guys like "Nice" guys seem to come across as.

    So what's a REAL man to you. It's not a wussy or robot. A real man knows that he is dominant, confident, self sufficient. His word is like gold dawg! I've made those mistakes also so your not alone. We as a gender gotta MAN up!

    So why am I single, right?! LMAO

    Ya smell what I'm cooking on both subjects?

    • I understand what you mean. And about the "Ghetto" thing... Well ghetto to me is just as it sounds since growing up in an area that was considered a ghetto. So girls were usually hard edged and relative uneducated per say... But mostly now its just the fact that there are no Ladies, they are a bit like guys with out a male function. get me? They want to be completely in charge and have been raised differently in this new age society. The "modern woman", I'm not feeling the modern girl. you?