Why do girls always second choice a truly nice guy? And take a chance with the not so nice guy?

As in would rather have the slightly jerky not the best match of a man and deal with the mess of having the boyfriend who is not exactly the most... Show More

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  • In the 1980's a song came out from Paula Abdul and the name of it was "Opposites attract" This is a very true fact of life. Sometimes your heart thinks it wants something so you through out all common sense and go completely for the person. If "Mr. Nice-person" is so nice and right then he would be waiting for you. About your "2 things". #1 is very true. There is over 6 billion people on the planet you never know where, when,why, or how you met the right person. One rule I follow when dating and love is that love is not about finding someone you can live with (that sounds like your trying to find a roommate) its about someone you can't live without. About #2 I have seen many girls acting "more ghetto" that is because more and more guys are gangsters or gangster "wanna-bes". Girls then get the very unwise idea that they have to be able to "roll" with the gangsters to get a guy. Don't fall into the deceiving looks of their lives their life is a lot more complicated then you'd think. Drive-by shootings, knowing about something then feeling remorse or guilt, and sometimes keeping up the act. I know it may seem like they aren't thinking (some of them probably aren't) but they really they do think and consider everything you are thinking about too.