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How long does it take for a guy to know if he likes you?

I asked this guy if he liked me and we've hung out 3 times, the first time was the first time we've ever met. He told me he wasn't sure yet because... Show More

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  • It all depends on the guy for how long it takes for them to know you. I know it can sometimes take me a while to get to know a girl but there has been an instance where I just felt something about a girl. She seemed to have the right personality, lots of things in common, and great conversations.

    If the guy is mature, he will not just instantly know. It'll take a few dates to know if he is really interested.

    I'd say he isn't rejecting you. I know I have felt like at different points that if I asked a girl out at a certain point that I would feel rushed.

    Good luck :)

    • Okay but he's not really talking to me anymore? Did I scare him by even bringing it up? He had a bad past relationship.

    • If he is not talking to your anymore or avoiding you, he may be a flaky guy and doesn't really know what he wants. I don't think you scared him. I'd just go with the flow and if things don't get better then I'd move on.

    • Okay he also said he has a lot of car work which I doubt guys spend that much time on the car. He still answered my text a few days ago. Is there another girl?

What Girls Said 1

  • I had the same thing happen to me, and finally I just gave up on him, because it didn't seem like he was making any decision any time soon... basically he was a player.

    Now its possible that he is really not sure about rushing into another relationship, but be carefull an don't set your heart on him just yet...

    Good luck!

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