Is it possible for a guy to fall for his booty call?

Is it possible for a guy to fall for his booty call?

I met this guy and we agreed on no strings. When we first met, he would talk to me but he'd talk about sexual things. I was okay with that cause I'm not looking for anything. After the booty call and a few link ups, he's talking to me less and less. When I initiate conversation, he's more than happy to talk but he's not saying all the sexual things as before, he's actually really talking to me about REAL things. He never asked for another hookup, but he wants to chill? Do you think he fell for me?

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  • may be :-)

  • Yes its possible if he develops a bond with you, the mental attraction increases and physical attraction increaes then he might want an exclusive relationship or he might be a player and has no intention or ability to form a long term relationship.

    • Would a sign of him falling for me be blowing hott and cold?When I asked him to hook up as a bootycall, he ends up getting mad so I stopped asking. His FB is COVERED in love songs that coincidently sounds like all the things we did. How do I tell him I'm sticking to NO STRINGS?

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