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He just wants to be friends?

I've known this guy for a year, and we seemed to be attracted to each other from the beginning, and we're both really attractive but really smart,... Show More

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  • Hello I am in the exact thing. I like this guy for a long time but he is dating someone and I can kinda tell that he likes me and I like him cause when ever we lock eyes (happens a lot) we always smile and he makes me laugh all the time and can't get my mind off of him. Couple weeks ago I told him that I like him and he says that he just want to be friends that is it and I don't know if he is saying that because he has a girlfriend or he really just wants to be friends so he doesn't lose me.

    what do I do?

    your question: I say make him jealous but still talk to him try not to come off as neglecting.

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  • I'm in the same situation, but I'm the guy in your situation. I am a guy.

    It's almost exactly like your situation.

    I really don't want to lose her. I value our friendship more than anything else in my life currently. We are each others best friends. But I'm scared of losing her and getting hurt.

    Ive been hurt, bad, in previous relationships. I don't want to get hurt again, because I know I wouldn't be able to deal with a broken heart again.

    I hope this helps you better understand.

    • Well I think our friendship is strong enough where we won't lose each other regardless. But he's scared that he might lose me, by saying he just wants to be friends, but I'm cool with being friends. But, if he just wants to stay friends, I want him to act like it (he always acts like he's my boyfriend). Or I want to make him want to be more than just friends (preferred), which is my question in the first place. Should I make him jealous, or just give him space so he can miss me? or what?

    • i gotta question for you. you said you've been hurt before and that you don't want to lose her. So when she gets tired of waiting around for you to come around and finds some1 who could be 'the one'. Do you think that will hurt? I bet it will, and when the man she is with insists that she sees you A LOT less and then eventually just about disappears from your life, do you think you'll have lost her? or are you in total denial that that is most likely the future situation?

What Girls Said 5

  • I think you better off being his friend because he is not going change his feeling for you. There is nothing you can do to change the situation because he doesn't find you attractive enough to be girlfriend. If you still want to remain as a good friend, you have to be ready to accept his girlfriends and don't get jealous of them. If you can't then I suggest you to walk away from him.

    • Lol no, he's told me he loves my smile and thinks I look exotic before, and people that know both of us say I'm way better looking than him, its backwards, but he's the sweetest guy ever and I love his smile, don't care....but his friend just told me he thinks this guy just doesn't want any girlfriend period right now, but if he did, he would've been with me I guess, so I'm good now, I'm just gonna stay friends with him, hook up with another guy see how he takes it though.

    • I like your attitude and I think is cool that you want to remain friend with him. I had a guy friend who I like a lot but I have to break off because I can't stand see him with another girl. I missed him a lot and hope that someday I will get to talk to him again.

  • im in a similar situation. except the guy I like I work with, an he just wants to be friends. I'm gunna pass on a piece of advice I was given. Stay friends with him, friendship grows :) trying to make him jealous may not work, he may just think you're not interested anymore. Just be his friend and see what happens. Hope this helped.

  • Im a girl and he told me that he likes me first when we met. I also kind of liked him. He was very shy and then he kept saying that he liked me. I told him l liked him back and then we were going to go out soon. After awhile, l began to like him a lot more and kept texting him, Then one morning he didn't reply to me and said that we should just be friends. What is the problem? Is it because he finds me irritating? Or has a new Girl? HELP.

  • I'm in almost the same situation, except he doesn't want to date me because we work together. Please keep me updated with your situation!

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