He just wants to be friends?

I've known this guy for a year, and we seemed to be attracted to each other from the beginning, and we're both really attractive but really smart,... Show More

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  • Hello I am in the exact thing. I like this guy for a long time but he is dating someone and I can kinda tell that he likes me and I like him cause when ever we lock eyes (happens a lot) we always smile and he makes me laugh all the time and can't get my mind off of him. Couple weeks ago I told him that I like him and he says that he just want to be friends that is it and I don't know if he is saying that because he has a girlfriend or he really just wants to be friends so he doesn't lose me.

    what do I do?

    your question: I say make him jealous but still talk to him try not to come off as neglecting.