He just wants to be friends?

I've known this guy for a year, and we seemed to be attracted to each other from the beginning, and we're both really attractive but really smart, both love sports, etc. So we hung out all the time, eventually started seeing each other every single day, together all the time, and we have a lot of the same friends, who would always tease us about being the cutest couple ever, call me his girlfriend, and he would always just smile really big, never denied any of it. Eventually, this past month, I came out and told him that I like him, he said he likes me too, but just as a really cool friend, and that he really wants to stay friends and not lose me. But some of his close guy friends have told me they think he likes me just as much as I like him, and they don't know why he said that.should I keep seeing him this often just as friends, get another guy and make sure he knows to make him jealous, or what should I do to become more than friends with him?


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  • Hello I am in the exact thing. I like this guy for a long time but he is dating someone and I can kinda tell that he likes me and I like him cause when ever we lock eyes (happens a lot) we always smile and he makes me laugh all the time and can't get my mind off of him. Couple weeks ago I told him that I like him and he says that he just want to be friends that is it and I don't know if he is saying that because he has a girlfriend or he really just wants to be friends so he doesn't lose me.

    what do I do?

    your question: I say make him jealous but still talk to him try not to come off as neglecting.