Body Language: Hand Behind Back

Do any of you girls ever put one hand behind your back with your palm open with the knuckle side on the small of your back? If so when do you find yourself doing this?

Being that she was turned away from me I could not read her other body language so it conflicts with a good deal of body language I read easily. General I take hands behind back as hiding something or if postured right confidence. In another way I take it as trying to control ones self (stop emotional outburst). I take exposed palms toward me as interest. I could see the small of the back as a comforting thing. So its a huge mish mash of good and back at the moment. Do you find yourself doing this? If so, why?


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  • hm when I do it, :uncomfortable, disinterest in conversation, or I was talking with a cute guy and didn't really know him that well (this would only be in an environment I know like school or my yard in the mall it would be different).

    I wouldn't do that around a friend is was comfortable with.


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  • I do it when I'm amusing myself by recalling 19th century gentlemanly etiquette.

    Don't read into it too much, dude.

  • I do this when I'm uncomfortable with the situation I am in.

  • Ya, I find myself doing this when I'm contemplating whether to make a move on a guy or not.

  • When I do this it means I feel uncomfortable. Either not interested or just akward convo is takin place. Sometimes it might b with a cute guy I don't know but once I loosen up my body language will change.

  • It means she is thinking, or at least it does for me. ^^ Hope this helps!


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  • If her body is pointing away from you surely that should say her interest lies elsewhere and that's the end of that?

    • It's a little more complicated then that. She had to turn because she was preoccupied with something else. Its not that she turned her back on me in the middle of conversation and didn't want to face me. I know what you are saying, but as I said its complicated. =P

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    • Quit lieing to yourself you asked the question not to know what the body language meant but to know what SHE meant by the body language.

      irrelevance I can't agree more about the emotion radar being useless when your interest is at a peak, its almost like your f***ing blind.

      which actually leads to my answer: if she f***ed you over once she'll do it again, you shouldn't be chasing her that's dum. & as for the body language; arms relaxed behind the back, palms open and hands together says the..

    • Following things: I am confident & completely in control of the situation. from that you can tell she knows you like her & she knows she can screw you over whenever she wants, & considering the fact she's so relaxed she definitely is not interested in you. Believe me dude let it go its for the better there's girls oput there waay hotter than her.

  • How about not giving a f*** about what it means and going for her anyways? Lol, I never get these people who get so hooked up on little details that very often turns out to not mean anything at all.

    • Thank you very much. You saved my 3 minutes life to write what you just said. Seriously, people who care of those small details have no clue in dating.