If I ask a guy out for a drink, will he assume it's a date?

I asked a shy guy I know to go for a drink with me, so we could catch up. We used to hang out regularly in the fall, but he had just gotten out of a 2.5 year relationship and I didn't want to be the rebound girl, even though I liked him a lot. I thought he had feelings for me too at the time... Show More

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  • On both ways don't rush things out, besides you said that you're good friends so this means while having that drink you can discuss his personal relationships, that way you can get some of those answers you're seeking and only time will do the rest.

    P.S.:get him drunk and you'll get some precised answers :P.

    • Thanks for your help! :) We had a really nice time. He even offered to buy my beer (I didn't let him because I did the inviting!) and we're hanging out again on Wednesday! :)

    • :), glad you enjoyed ur time, as 4 the beer thing he's just being a gentleman, sounds like he's a gd person... btw how was wednesday??