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Why do people look different on pictures?

Can a person really look different on pictures than in real life?

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  • That is an excellent question! People can look totally different in each and every picture. Some people look different depending on which side of their face you are looking at which is normal. But it's weird how some people look like a 2 in one picture, and then like a 7 in another. Makes me wonder if they've had work done, lol. Anyway, as for how much you can rely on a photo, I'd say very very little. You can't factor in the way they carry themself which may add or tak away from their physical looks or attractiveness.

What Girls Said 7

  • I believe so. I've seen pictures of myself and was like damn "I don't even look like that" They've gone both ways, sometimes I get pictures that I look better in and some I look like hell in.

  • I look bad in pictures, I know that so if you are gonna judge someone on a picture, meeting then is probably better.

  • Oh yeah, the camera can add weight or even reduce some. Don't even trust a picture unless you trust the person.

  • Yes,they can actually... I look different in pictures,I've had people look at them and tell me that I look nothing like I normally do. I actually think I'm pretty ugly in pictures, just because I think they snap the shots at the wrong time..and I end up with a dumb expression on my face. Other times I do look like myself, other times I look like someone else.

  • IDK if I'm photogenic but I have had people tell me I look different in pictures. IDK what they meant by that, but I know I have to try really hard to take a good picture.

  • Of course they can, some people are photogenic, some aren't. Photos can often make you look bigger than what you actually are and define your flaws. I learnt in media class that this all depends on lighting and angle. You might not think about it but it takes a lot of hard work to get a good shot.

What Guys Said 4

  • Because the camera adds ten pounds ;).

  • Yes... my girlfriend looks ugly in pictures but gorgeous in life.

  • I can look really retarded or gangster in pictures. I'm photogenic I just noticed it, need to stop but I can't. I love posing!

  • I feel like my pictures don't do me justice, because I think I'm a much better looking man IRL. Women often take pictures with certain lighting and positions that they can make themselves look much more attractive than they might in real life (kind of scary actually).

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