I had a good time tonight.

I had my first day with a guy that I like after having called/emailed/texted for about 3 weeks.

He took me out for dinner, we talked, we laughed, we had fun. When we said goodbye, it was kind of strange and cold. I kissed him in his cheek and he asked me to text him once I got home. Once home I texted him saying something like "hey, I got home sound and safe. thanks". He immediately answers with a "OK, :-). I had a good time tonight" so I replied to him saying that me too...3 days after, I haven't heard anything from him. How should I read his last text message? Was he just being polite? Or does it show any interested at all? Should I have been more explicit showing that I am interested on him? Should I wait a couple of days, contact him or just move on?



My first date, I meant...