Why is he always looking at me? Does this mean he is still interested?

I liked this guy a lot, and we had fooled a couple of times and when I asked him to hang out he didn't reply back and then finally said no. So I just forgot about him. Now when I'm out and see him he is always keeping an eye on me and walking by. What does this mean? I know he's shy and it seems that he wants to approach me but at the last minute chicken's out or changes his mind. What does this mean?


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  • Yeah, I believe this guy is interested in you but too shy or something. He may be attracted to you but afraid of his feelings and/or commitment to you. I have been going through the same thing with someone that I have liked for 3 years, but I have been acting like he has been with you. It's easier for me to keep this girl on the outskirts of my life and keep an eye on her than to allow her into my life because I've got some hurts and wounds from the past that have not healed and it's too painful for me to let her get close to me right now. I could not handle the pain of rejection or of losing her if we would get together because of having been through so much already with several failed relationships that really left me torn apart & messed up. I don't know if any of this helps, but good luck!

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      He's only had maybe two girlfriends so you could be right. It just bothers me that in his emails which takes him a few weeks to respond to and that's only when I have to send two or three he says to leave him alone he doesn't want to hang out but when I see him in person he definitely keeps on eye on me. I don't get it he probably just wants to look cool around his friends.

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      So what does a girl in this situation do to improve it! it's heartbreaking for us!

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      I think your best bet is to not get involved with a guy who tells you he's not interested, even if he does watch you from a distance. He's evidently not ready to be emotionally involved with you, so I would put the brakes on with this relationship and possibly move on. He will eventually find out what he's missing if he was just playing games. Those are my thoughts.