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How do nice legs look like?

For guys: what are nice legs?My friend and I are competing on who has better legs if you describe her legs she wins and if you describe mine I win.

ha ha I won thanxs 4 answering

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What Guys Said 6

  • To me, I love slender, sliky-smooth legs with high-arched feet that can point all the way forward. The kind of legs that I love to caress every day. Sonia Ferrer has this kind of legs. You can see what I mean by watching this youtube video. link

  • Long, toned, tanned, smooth.

  • hmm. slender but not muscular/ripped, still curvy if you know what I mean.

  • I would say Slender, but strong. I like to see muscle and just that they are strong and have firm skin covering them. Not beastly like a huge cross country runner or something, but strong enough to not look scrawny.Smooth color and skin tone is a must. No "excess packaging".I think different things work on different girls.Guess that's not very helpful huh.

  • Plump, but not fat

What Girls Said 1

  • im not a guy obviously lol but my mom told me that my dad fell in love with my moms legs. my mom and I have curvey plump,not fat, legs. I don't know about any other guys but all the ones I know are always looking at my legs haha anyway I hope this helps.

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