What does a guy mean by "Close Friends"?

Recently I've been hanging out with this guy friend of mine a lot. Like we would practically spend our waking hours together and stuff. My friends keep telling me that he's interested in me etc. So being bored and looking for trouble, I actually went to ask him what he thinks is going on between us. And he said that he feels that he can talk to me and is very comfortable with me and that he treats me as his close friend. does that mean there's room for development? or like he just wanna be friends? cause he said that rite now he's not ready for a committed relationship yet. And after the talk, it seems as though we know each other even better and we're even closer than before now. I don't know if I should move on and stop being such "Close friends" with him. He's the one confusing me with all his actions and stuff. I don't want to start feeling for him if he;s not going to reciprocate my feelings. Sometimes I feel that he's just playing with me.