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What does a guy mean by "Close Friends"?

Recently I've been hanging out with this guy friend of mine a lot. Like we would practically spend our waking hours together and stuff. My friends... Show More

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  • hey,he is really confused though..i think I have an interesting theory which is gonna help u.

    let suppose that x(male) and y(female) are two really good friends. obviously they would be feeling about them selves. because it's all about the time we spend together which makes a relation strong. let suppose that x has a girl friend then he couldn't give more time to y because of her girl friend and if y have a boyfriend then same case.

    when both of you don't have other supports of life you feel for each other. he is confused because I think he might not be stable with his career or amy be he needs some time. you guys just can't be good friends. and he is not playing with u, if he really wanna play with you he would have told you that he likes you and then he can play with u. he is just not sure, he cares for you though because he likes ur company. Basic laws of attraction ma'am.

    if you wanna talk about it anymore..u can add me at glk1_midnight@yahoo.co.in

What Girls Said 1

  • " So being bored and looking for trouble, I actually went to ask him what he thinks is going on between us. "

    Why are you trying to make it sound like you do not care..

    I am not sure if your question is because you don't want a relationship, or yo are worried that if you like him he may not or o longer have the feelings for you that you do or may have fir him..

    Anyways regardless, it sounds like you guys are already close, so basically do you want to stay friends or try to move up, of course you realize that for the time being he wants a friend- you said it yourself " ause he said that rite now he's not ready for a committed relationship yet. "

    So this means that you guys stay friends, & see what happens.

    It means you don't start planning or over thinking each thing you are going to do.

    You stay the way you have been & allow for change..

    "Friends with potential" - John Cusack - "Say Anything"


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