Are girls shy around their crushes? if so, what are some signs?

talking about girls that are just a little bit (not too much) around guys


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  • All girls are different. It depends on their personality. Girls that are too shy will tend to be nervous around them, they may engage in small talk but it's nothing too serious. They tend to stare a lot but if you catch them looking, they will quickly turn away. In those types of situation, it's best that the guy makes the first move because the girl won't.

    Some girls are the flirty type: they talk and then will casually touch you on the arm or back, they'll say something mean but they are joking. It's kind of like being in 3rd grade when you had a crush on a girl and you'll pull her hair or be cruel.

    What type of situation are you in? Girls are easy to read they will give off positive vibe and the one's that give out negative vibes and they are into you, stay away psycho girls are a handful. Hope that helped

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      She might be shy, any tips on how to talk to her. last day of school is tomorrow...

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      A relationship, but friends would be okay

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      OK well since your time with her is limited have a casual conversation like "I know we didn't really talk during this semester but if you want I could take you to a movie sometimes" something to that effect. Or ask her for her number that way you can talk on the phone and see if you guys connect. If you have a myspace that could be better. But take things slow. I don't know how much you know about her but find out her interest and link them into your conversation with her.