What do black girls like/love in white guys ??

just what do you like or what turns you on about white guys, just so you no we love you !


Most Helpful Girl

  • Ok, you are really asking for some generalizations but here goes. And another disclaimer, I am not saying other races don't have these qualities, this is just what I have noticed about the white guys I am around.

    I would say that stratus of white guys I have come around, they are very business minded. They like to be the boss in some capacity so they either ascend up the ladder quickly or they own their own businesses. I find in charge sexy! I don't like cocky though.

    I like the openness. They will usually try anything once, lol. Rock climbing, mountain biking, bungy jumping, roller blading, and similar activities are done in their spare time which is exhilarating.

    Physical features run the gambit. I find white guys generally appealing. It's hard to narrow it down because as with any other race, I know it when I see it.

    I am personally very girly so I find the white guys I'm around treat me as such like taking my coat off for me, seating me at a table etc. LOVE IT!

    Hope this helps.


Most Helpful Guy

  • This lady here criticizes what it is generally said about what it is that black girls like in white guys, or why black girls would want to date a white guy. Hope it helps too.