What do black girls like/love in white guys ??

just what do you like or what turns you on about white guys, just so you no we love you !


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  • Ok, you are really asking for some generalizations but here goes. And another disclaimer, I am not saying other races don't have these qualities, this is just what I have noticed about the white guys I am around.

    I would say that stratus of white guys I have come around, they are very business minded. They like to be the boss in some capacity so they either ascend up the ladder quickly or they own their own businesses. I find in charge sexy! I don't like cocky though.

    I like the openness. They will usually try anything once, lol. Rock climbing, mountain biking, bungy jumping, roller blading, and similar activities are done in their spare time which is exhilarating.

    Physical features run the gambit. I find white guys generally appealing. It's hard to narrow it down because as with any other race, I know it when I see it.

    I am personally very girly so I find the white guys I'm around treat me as such like taking my coat off for me, seating me at a table etc. LOVE IT!

    Hope this helps.


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  • This lady here criticizes what it is generally said about what it is that black girls like in white guys, or why black girls would want to date a white guy. Hope it helps too.


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  • I'm black and don't like a certain color of guy I like attractive guys not necessarily white. Unfortunately most the black guys I see aren't my type many of them are too much into the stereotype. I'm different and I want a guy that's different to.

    Fashionable girls go for Fashionable guys, and I am a fashion freak. It just so happens that a more white guys are fashionable.

    • oh my gosh did I post this and forget ha ha jk that is word for word what I would say, well actually I talk too much and probably would have taken triple the space to say what you said <3

    • Aww thanks lool

    • that makes sense as a white man who always matches everything from shoes to polo socks to polo boxers and wear nothing but ralph lauren louis vuitton (authentic) and drive a 2013 g37 all black and they see I'm into the hip hop culture they know I'm not street but i got the money to look street and match and all that but i don't have one outfit i got 40 pairs of shoes, i fucked a black 350 dollar an hour escort in denver last month off the strength of being white having abs and being in polo boxers and a polo bathing suit and having a weed pen she came right up to the room then we went to the weedstore she bought her weed i bought me some weed we smoked talked about how i love to eat pussy and how black men hate to eat pussy next thing i know my phone is blowing up at 12 am come lick my pussy like you told me daddy... black girls love saying daddy I've only had sex with two but its my thing i truly believe once you go black you can't go back SHE TWERKED ON MY DICK... I MEAN CMON SON

  • I don't know what it is...I just love white guys! I can't figure it out. It's not just looks but personality and attitude. I guess cause I grew up in a mostly white environment? But I find other races attractive too when I'm walking around the city. But there's just something about white guys that drives me CRAZY!

    • Prolly because ur ancestors was rapped by them and you was raised to love them, respect them, honor them, so that you would not be like ur ancestors. well maybe you should look in the mirror and ask again. think how ur ancestors looked at their self while you ask.

    • I don't know why people like Devil go online to be hateful - it just SUCKS. Do your thing Diva :-)

  • I'm just going to say it. I like pale skin and dark hair. It's just sexy. Especially if the guy has large dark eyes and dark full brows and lashes. It's weird and oddly specific but I've come into contact with quite a few guys that fit not only that criteria but other physical attributes I call bonuses (i.e. Hot body, slightly full lips). Anyway, that's type...though personality is on a whole 'nother spectrum pertaining to why I like men (in general) haha

    • I don't often hear the big eyebrows part as a plus lol yay

  • I think it has a lot to with with personality and manners.. Most white guys I know are actually really polite and speak correctly.. I don't like the "gangster" type of personality.I get along with white guys so well.. Maybe because I am half white/half black and grew up in a well mannered home.. Plus white guys are HOTTT :D love it

    • White guys are paled skined. you like them because they talk politly? well I would talk to you the same way if my ancestors robbed urs, beat them, rapped them, I would talk nice to you too. And the gangster part comes from us (BLACKS) being taken from our home and culture and not knowing anything else but violence.

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    • is there a certain approach that needs to be made I mean I have talked to black girls and it seems the same but I seem to get more nervous talking to a black girl than I do a white girl...or am I just inside my head to much? lol

    • @phenixblack.. I don't think there is a certain way a black girl needs to be approached. If a guy has enough guts to approach me, he already has brownie pts. Just be yourself :) if she likes you, she will let you know.. black girls are not a new kind of species lol we're just regular women with a tan :P I think it is normal for any guy to get nervous around a pretty girl.. I get nervous around cute guys.. and I am not ashamed of that lol good luck :D

  • I like blond men and the platinum blondes are the hottest to me, I don't know why I like them. Perhaps I'm brainwashed, but I think it's just a preference that I've had since I was fist kissed by a blond kid. It made me feel special that he liked me. I guess if he'd have been korean I'd like korean guys. IDK?

    • Oh also I'm not really black per say.. I'm brown but I assume your asking non white females.

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  • Not sure if this is a male or female asking the question. However, I am a white male that's 19 years old. Women are beautiful and amazing regardless of what their ethnicity is. African American women carry a strong sense of individuality and strength around with them which in my mind is VERY appealing. At the same time, they want to be treated like women and not girls; this can be different from many white females who honestly (not as a stereotype or any harm mean't) can seem needy more often then not. Many different people make up a race and at the end of the day when it comes down to it a person is a person regardless of skin color; we're all humankind, you are attracted to them for who they are and not their background or race. It's a personal preference, if a white guy is more appealing then that's just how it is, and obviously the ladies below have their fine examples as their reasoning. But I have dated a lot more african american females then white, hopefully without this sounding superficial I think the contrast of skin color is so beautiful lol

    • AAAAAAAmen Drew! You said it! Black women are goddessess in thier own right! I'm in love with a black girl right now, and whenever I think of her I think of her as a panther goddess. She's all beauty and grace, smooth curves and skin black and smooth like a panther's silky fur. Her eyes like stars in the deep of the night sky. Black girls; have confidence! You are beautiful!

  • I am a twenty three year old white guy, with medium/dark brown hair and hazel eyes, I am not very tall only 5'9 and I am not tan I hate being tan( I am pale), my hair was long, but I cut it to find a job. Anyways, I find black women extremely attractive, I would have no problem dating one. I even remember this one time I was riding home on the bus and this black girl was sitting next to me and she started talking to me and asked me if she could touch my hair, so I let her, but I never saw her again after that or got her e-mail, Myspace, Facebook Etc. I like black women they are sexy women. Any black girls interested in chatting add me on Yahoo Messenger brianjaylevy07@yahoo.com.

  • to be honest black girls are sexy as f***! always go for them if I see one

  • Hello I'm a white guy bald,blue eyes European descent I love black women! Dated white women at first but after dating white women & always bein attracted to black girls since I was 13. I find black women are much sweeter,more loving &appreciate white men more.plus I love the color of the skin,attitude the full lips & full body.Black women are queens! I'm really tired of how they portray black girls on TV & video in disrespectful ways.alot of whit men look at black girls & women as f**k toys but black women should always treated like a woman & special like they are! Have a great dayveverybody!

  • my very first girl friend was black I was like 9 or 10 I used to take her out to dinner with my alowence so all of you are ebony goddeses to me I love black girls but sadely never found another just boreing white girls

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