What do black girls like/love in white guys ??

just what do you like or what turns you on about white guys, just so you no we love you !


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  • Ok, you are really asking for some generalizations but here goes. And another disclaimer, I am not saying other races don't have these qualities, this is just what I have noticed about the white guys I am around.

    I would say that stratus of white guys I have come around, they are very business minded. They like to be the boss in some capacity so they either ascend up the ladder quickly or they own their own businesses. I find in charge sexy! I don't like cocky though.

    I like the openness. They will usually try anything once, lol. Rock climbing, mountain biking, bungy jumping, roller blading, and similar activities are done in their spare time which is exhilarating.

    Physical features run the gambit. I find white guys generally appealing. It's hard to narrow it down because as with any other race, I know it when I see it.

    I am personally very girly so I find the white guys I'm around treat me as such like taking my coat off for me, seating me at a table etc. LOVE IT!

    Hope this helps.


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  • This lady here criticizes what it is generally said about what it is that black girls like in white guys, or why black girls would want to date a white guy. Hope it helps too.



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  • I'm black and don't like a certain color of guy I like attractive guys not necessarily white. Unfortunately most the black guys I see aren't my type many of them are too much into the stereotype. I'm different and I want a guy that's different to.

    Fashionable girls go for Fashionable guys, and I am a fashion freak. It just so happens that a more white guys are fashionable.

    • oh my gosh did I post this and forget ha ha jk that is word for word what I would say, well actually I talk too much and probably would have taken triple the space to say what you said <3

    • Aww thanks lool

    • that makes sense as a white man who always matches everything from shoes to polo socks to polo boxers and wear nothing but ralph lauren louis vuitton (authentic) and drive a 2013 g37 all black and they see I'm into the hip hop culture they know I'm not street but i got the money to look street and match and all that but i don't have one outfit i got 40 pairs of shoes, i fucked a black 350 dollar an hour escort in denver last month off the strength of being white having abs and being in polo boxers and a polo bathing suit and having a weed pen she came right up to the room then we went to the weedstore she bought her weed i bought me some weed we smoked talked about how i love to eat pussy and how black men hate to eat pussy next thing i know my phone is blowing up at 12 am come lick my pussy like you told me daddy... black girls love saying daddy I've only had sex with two but its my thing i truly believe once you go black you can't go back SHE TWERKED ON MY DICK... I MEAN CMON SON

  • I don't know what it is...I just love white guys! I can't figure it out. It's not just looks but personality and attitude. I guess cause I grew up in a mostly white environment? But I find other races attractive too when I'm walking around the city. But there's just something about white guys that drives me CRAZY!

    • Prolly because ur ancestors was rapped by them and you was raised to love them, respect them, honor them, so that you would not be like ur ancestors. well maybe you should look in the mirror and ask again. think how ur ancestors looked at their self while you ask.

    • I don't know why people like Devil go online to be hateful - it just SUCKS. Do your thing Diva :-)

  • I'm just going to say it. I like pale skin and dark hair. It's just sexy. Especially if the guy has large dark eyes and dark full brows and lashes. It's weird and oddly specific but I've come into contact with quite a few guys that fit not only that criteria but other physical attributes I call bonuses (i.e. Hot body, slightly full lips). Anyway, that's type...though personality is on a whole 'nother spectrum pertaining to why I like men (in general) haha

    • I don't often hear the big eyebrows part as a plus lol yay

  • I think it has a lot to with with personality and manners.. Most white guys I know are actually really polite and speak correctly.. I don't like the "gangster" type of personality.I get along with white guys so well.. Maybe because I am half white/half black and grew up in a well mannered home.. Plus white guys are HOTTT :D love it

    • White guys are paled skined. you like them because they talk politly? well I would talk to you the same way if my ancestors robbed urs, beat them, rapped them, I would talk nice to you too. And the gangster part comes from us (BLACKS) being taken from our home and culture and not knowing anything else but violence.

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    • is there a certain approach that needs to be made I mean I have talked to black girls and it seems the same but I seem to get more nervous talking to a black girl than I do a white girl...or am I just inside my head to much? lol

    • @phenixblack.. I don't think there is a certain way a black girl needs to be approached. If a guy has enough guts to approach me, he already has brownie pts. Just be yourself :) if she likes you, she will let you know.. black girls are not a new kind of species lol we're just regular women with a tan :P I think it is normal for any guy to get nervous around a pretty girl.. I get nervous around cute guys.. and I am not ashamed of that lol good luck :D

  • I like blond men and the platinum blondes are the hottest to me, I don't know why I like them. Perhaps I'm brainwashed, but I think it's just a preference that I've had since I was fist kissed by a blond kid. It made me feel special that he liked me. I guess if he'd have been korean I'd like korean guys. IDK?

    • Oh also I'm not really black per say.. I'm brown but I assume your asking non white females.

  • Well in my opinion the ones that I have met are pretty cool

    they are different,

    they have something great to offer

    -they listen . Like really instead just sitting now their head they make comments and ask for more details.

    -they're funny

    -always up to trying something new

    -we can sit for hours and talk about some of the most random stuff

    -always smell really nice when they give you a hug

    - they make a girl feel like she's the only one

    -they can even a boring Wednesday movie night fun

    -could care less what other people think

    and they're really cute :D

    but I'm not saying only white guys are like this there are many guys from different races

    I'm just saying that most of the white guys have net are like this and they're pretty cool because of these traits.

  • I like the skater type with tattoos. I like the guys with long hair. I like the way the look at me. Like I'm the best thing they've ever seen. I like the eye contact. I also like the "real" white guys not the ones that "act black".

    • I gotta grow my hair out, get some tattoos, and a skateboard. Holy shit Shequita is cute. I wish that pic wasn't so damn small.

  • I can't really say for sure. I've just grown up in the suburbs, always around white people and that's what I'm used to. And I think the times I have been exposed to the black community, outside family, has been in a negative light. I'm not saying I think everyone is like that but it's just what I've experienced.

  • There eyes and there hair some white guys have pretty eyes oh and I love there hair...

  • I really loooove blond guys or white ones with really dark hair. pale skin I find surprisingly as attractive as tanned. I also agree the way they blush is a huge turn on. But honestly speaking I know a lot of black girls who look down on black girls who like white guys. my family sometimes makes comments which really sucks cause it came to a point that I started feel guilty like something was wrong with my preference. But at this point of my life I'm almost 19. I really don't care anymore if that's what I like, that's what I love and wouldn't change it for the world.

    • Same here. My family doesn't really understand but my mom eventually came around but my dad still doesn't wanna believe it. Oh well . I'm not gonna stop being myself for anybody. :) this is me; this is who I am and I'm not changing for anybody. :)

  • I will never forget the day I started Highschool I went into my first class and this one white guy decided to hollar at me, but he sounded sorta ghetto lol like hey ma you got a man and all that I had no sexual experience and never had a boyfriend at all let alone a white guy ask me out ever. I was a little shocked and shy being in that state of mind I just said yea but I was flattered. I don't know if I had the confidence that I have today I would date em. I was attracted to him but he was sorta in a immature phase little bit and he proceeded and dated a hispanic girl so it was a lose situation. I don't know if I ever met a white guy that was strictly into blk women alone. I think white guys are open to date a wome as long as she has a good heart for the most part. I did have a thing for white guys but it seemed taboo to date one in highschool I didn't see one white guy and blk girl couple except for one and the blk girl looked really mixed as if she was half white her self. I don't know but I wouldn't mind as long as I have much in common with a guy.

  • I like the intelligent, worldy, well traveled educated guys. I like the healthy eating habits, the preppy style.I also like the manners and the desire to succeed in the middle, upper class white guys.

    I like all good looking guys, but unfortunately theyr'e aren't as many educated and upper class black men as there are white men. And the "thug" life ghetto image is popular with too many black men. If a black man acted like the typical preppy educated white guy then I would be attracted to him.

    For me it's not race or color, it is manners, treatment, education and class plus athletic builds and class. My family is black and upper class from the British Carribean so I am not coming to America to marry anyone ghetto acting regardless of color.

    Also like Mickii, I like dark haired white guys who can tan, its sexy.

  • I am an 18 year old black girl, and I am not attracted to black guys at all. They just...I don't know. I'm not attracted to them Phyisically at all. I don't even talk to them in school because of the way they act most of the time. But white guys are sooooo...different. I like the white guys with the long hair that they flip out of their eyes, their hair color is either blonde, sandy blonde, or brunettee. I'm OK with blue eyes guys, but green eyed guys are what makes me melt. I absolutely HATE pale guys. But the white guys with a sexy skin complection is right up my alley. The ones that play sports...mostly football, are my major turn ons, and they have to be smart. But basically what I think black girls can't resist about the white men is the hair and the eyes. I know that I can't...

    • Haha, yeah. I'm a black girl too. honestly I couldn't date a black guy. I don't really care what he looks like. just as long as he's not black

    • Personally I love their pale skin. I think it's kinda sexy. And I looooove guys with brown hair and blue eyes. It's just so sexy how the blue eyes accent from the brown hair. Really makes them stand out :) yeah I've never been attracted to black guys. Like physically. I just love how white guys are different then me. It's so cute. Also I just love the idea of interracial couples. I can't wait til I find my white guy who I'm going to marry. :)

  • I am a 24 y/o black girl and I love white guys. Even more so than black guys sometimes. I have a very professional job and work with a lot of white people, although I grew up around a lot of black people. In 'my' experience white guys just seem to be nicer and have better personalities. Also a greater percentage of them are athletic causing them to have better bodies. They are more active and like to do things for fun to impress you, while black guys act like you're the lucky one to be with them. White guys are also better at giving genuine compliments.

  • I like just the average looking white guy, the guy that looks like the guy next door. The type that isn't unclean but you can look at him and sense something about his personality, the way he wears his hair, how he wears his pants, how he walks, those little nuances.

    I like it when they have a nice smile, especially if they have beautiful eyes. [and this doesn't necessarily mean eyes that are not brown, just beautiful eyes generally].

    Something I really like is when they're tall. They stand a certain way and I find that body language very attractive.

  • White guys are sexy. Plain and simple! I'm 17 years old and I've been attracted to white guys since I was a little girl! I'm Black/German and Cherokee Indian (my mom is Black/Cherokee Indian and my dad is German)so I thinks its really cool that I was born to an interracial couple. I can't really say that all black girls like white guys and all white guys like black girls, but I see more and more black girl/white guy couples. I met this white guy one day when I was coming home from school on the bus. We stared at each other a lot, I guess we was afraid to say anything (not because I was bi-racial or he was white)! I finally got the guts to say hi to him (his name was Tim) and since then I can't get him of my mind. So a couple months went by and I didn't see him anymore, I regret not getting his number, Myspace or anything! He was Senior and I was a junior at the time so I'll probably never ever see him again!:( But anyways forget my sob story. What turns me on about white guys is that you can see their veins run their body (mainly their hands and another place I won't mention TEHE!) I know that's weird but I like it and you really can't see it in black guys, just the outline. I also like white guys hair, the color of their eyes and most of them are fit and are into sports. And it seems that they are more educated (I know that seems harsh but we have to face the truth) I go to a mainly all Hispanic school and their are only about 30 blacks out of 900 students. Now I say only 8 out of the 30 black students do work. The rest of them I have classes with and all the do is listen to music, argue with the teacher, get into fights, and ditch class so they never do their work and if they do they want to copy, which piss me off! Also, when white guys try to talk to me, they do it with class, unlike black guys when they try to talk to me they talk loud, call me shorty, little mama, baby, or yo girl which is disgraceful to women. But everyone is different and everyone have their own preferences!

    S. Ward- Chicago, il

  • Dark hair and brow/blue/green eyes. Also, the way they turn red whenever they are embarrassed or get turned on.

    • Hahaha I hate the fact I turn red.Thats funny

    • Lol! I am white and I have dark hair... I kind like blac girls, especially their curly hair and sexy body...

  • i'm black and I love white guys cause there nice know how to treat a lady and what turns me on is that they can be very rough in bed

  • i'm black and I love whith guys cause there nice know how to treat a lady and what turns me on is that they can be very rough in bed

  • What's not to like? As long as he is taller than me, an amazing smile, and a great personality then its all in the clear for me. I don't have a certain type- if you are hot and intelligent then that's good enough for me.

  • hm I like the stuckup jock preppy sort of white guy.

  • The way they act. Generally speaking.

    Compare yourself to a handsome white guy who racks up the girls.


  • Hey I'm a black girl and My boyfriend is white. He's the sweetest guy ever. I dated him because of his personality and his charming heart. He approached me after I waved him over. I felt him looking and so I gave him the chance and he jumped at it. I wasn't looking and neither was he necessarily but love just happened for us. We ironically are alike a lot to the point where I knew what he was going to say and what he felt and what he likes etc. and vice versa. I still do very much love black men and I'm still attracted but it wasn't working out and I decided to be open and try and not just flirt anymore because the attraction to other races was always there. FYI If a black girl flirts back ITS MORE THAN AN INVITATION but don't assume she's going to sleep with you unless she's truly pushing that point and that's what you would want. As any relationship it will be hard to find a person who you are compatible with regardless of race. But if you want to know women are the same as in how they are but you have to know black women will stick it out with you and they want 50/50 they will not back down all the times and will put their 2 sense. You just have to know the type of woman you want whether it be domineering, passive, or passive aggressive, submissive etc. When it comes to approaching them don't try a corny line or try to game them up, just be genuine and honest about how you feel because you will get further and its more respectful. What you see on TV is a big ASS PORTRAYAL tho there are women who are like that but its like that for all races not just ours. Yes we are different in public, bedroom, conversation and physically but my boyfriend loves it. I asked my boyfriend if I was his first black girlfriend and I was but he saw me and saw beautiful as where lots of white black Hispanic and other races (men) saw a fxck toy and basically what's displayed in media today. He loves my personality my smile and the physical difference with my rear but it was never about the color though he thinks my brown skin is beautiful. If you get the balls to approach her as you would want a guy to do so for your mother you will get further than you think and she will contemplate you. Be a chivalric which is basically open your mouth and talk to her after you guys feel comfortable enough ask those questions you were always wanted to ask abt cultural differences and don't assume or say something inappropriate- ASK First she will appreciate it and you will to. Don't be afraid to speak. They really just want an honest man and to complete them

    P.S. * Some have limits to their Freaktivity- anal is not an option for some!* it damn sure wasn't for me!

    Good Luck

  • I have been in love with white men my whole life. The skin contrast is a turn on not going to lie. I always think of vanilla and butterscotch .yum! I love the bone structure on guys, both races can have that though but a lot more white guys have it from what I have seen. I love the eyes, blue, brown, green, w/e! I think it's the idea I want someone who is different than myself really. I guess I get bored just dating someone whose like myself. Although it's all still a beautiful thing.

    White guys that are young, fit, tall, smart, funny, ambitious is what I like. White guys treat girls with respect (most of the time), look at me like they desire me for me rather than just for sex. I think of brad pitt, wentworth miller, hugh jackman, all very good looking white men. But I also think about shemar moore and tyson beckford who are really fine black men. ha ha I have to say that although a lot of white guys don't have too much lips to play around with, they like my lips a lot more LOL but they have a lot of other things that make up for their lips haha.

    Overall, I am still more attracted to white men, and I find that white men that are attracted to black women make them even more hot. Brad pitt dated a couple of beautiful black women, therfore it makes him hotter lol. Also robin thicke suddenly gets even more hot than he already is by marrying paula patton. Prince maximillian, more hot.

    Anyways, hope this made your day! bye!

    • Everything you said here is 100% how I feel about white guys. Lol

    • Well I don't date myself,but I must say many black women especially the dark skinned ones appeal to me,the color difference to my fair skin is very attractive as are their features,but I also find black women are usually a lot more friendly and more open minded than white women as all of my female friends are black.

  • I personlly just like the idea that a hot white guy can like a black women. I also , in a white guy like the long hair that can be flipped and just a preppy cool or laid back style. I like the stereotypical white guy lol

  • i like their hair...and the eyes I agree with shequita30...im usually attracted to guys with dark/light blue eyes...

  • plain and simple:white guys are sexy as F*** lol


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  • Not sure if this is a male or female asking the question. However, I am a white male that's 19 years old. Women are beautiful and amazing regardless of what their ethnicity is. African American women carry a strong sense of individuality and strength around with them which in my mind is VERY appealing. At the same time, they want to be treated like women and not girls; this can be different from many white females who honestly (not as a stereotype or any harm mean't) can seem needy more often then not. Many different people make up a race and at the end of the day when it comes down to it a person is a person regardless of skin color; we're all humankind, you are attracted to them for who they are and not their background or race. It's a personal preference, if a white guy is more appealing then that's just how it is, and obviously the ladies below have their fine examples as their reasoning. But I have dated a lot more african american females then white, hopefully without this sounding superficial I think the contrast of skin color is so beautiful lol

    • AAAAAAAmen Drew! You said it! Black women are goddessess in thier own right! I'm in love with a black girl right now, and whenever I think of her I think of her as a panther goddess. She's all beauty and grace, smooth curves and skin black and smooth like a panther's silky fur. Her eyes like stars in the deep of the night sky. Black girls; have confidence! You are beautiful!

  • I am a twenty three year old white guy, with medium/dark brown hair and hazel eyes, I am not very tall only 5'9 and I am not tan I hate being tan( I am pale), my hair was long, but I cut it to find a job. Anyways, I find black women extremely attractive, I would have no problem dating one. I even remember this one time I was riding home on the bus and this black girl was sitting next to me and she started talking to me and asked me if she could touch my hair, so I let her, but I never saw her again after that or got her e-mail, Myspace, Facebook Etc. I like black women they are sexy women. Any black girls interested in chatting add me on Yahoo Messenger brianjaylevy07@yahoo.com.

  • to be honest black girls are sexy as f***! always go for them if I see one

  • Hello I'm a white guy bald,blue eyes European descent I love black women! Dated white women at first but after dating white women & always bein attracted to black girls since I was 13. I find black women are much sweeter,more loving &appreciate white men more.plus I love the color of the skin,attitude the full lips & full body.Black women are queens! I'm really tired of how they portray black girls on TV & video in disrespectful ways.alot of whit men look at black girls & women as f**k toys but black women should always treated like a woman & special like they are! Have a great dayveverybody!

  • my very first girl friend was black I was like 9 or 10 I used to take her out to dinner with my alowence so all of you are ebony goddeses to me I love black girls but sadely never found another just boreing white girls

  • I am white and I love black women. I am strictly into black girls. I love the voice. Whenever I hear black females talking, I always take the time to look because I love checking them out. I love the curves. I like thin or thick black women. It doesn't matter to me. Either body type is good for me. I love the color. I don't care how dark or light skinned, as long as you are black, my heart will skip a beat. I love the hair too. I love natural curly black hair. I like when girls wear the headband and have their hair picked out a little. I love braids. I like microbraids or the senegalese style. Doesn't matter if you drag a hot comb through your hair or use a relaxer or even have a weave. As long as it looks good. I love the attitude. By that I mean the whole mental demeanor. I don't mean I like to catch attitude. I just mean that as all of the mental processes. The confidence and ability to laugh and joke. Most black girls have that where as other colors don't. I just love black girls. I don't care for my own kind and I don't even remember the last time I ever checked out a white girl. They just don't engage my mind. I haven't approached many black girls. I'm 27 and have dated a few, but It's hard to tell if they are interested or not. Women are women. It's easy to know if a girl likes you, but I mean the intial interest. Guys don't like to get shot down and that sometimes stops me from talking to them, depending on the situation. Anyway, I'm in Chicago. If any of you fine ladies reads this and are here too, send a reply. I am an average looking guy. I'm in great shape and I think my body is pretty nice. I hit the gym daily.

  • I think its ironic how we choose who to love by their color. That really shows the degeneration humans have been bombarded with for so long. If you like a certain look or preference of character 100% understandable. When your reflecting your expierences of all those "black guys". On guys like me you really miss an oppurtunity. I mean regardless of how smart I am how much we have to talk about and laugh about, my attractiveness exceeding most men in general. Being a man and self sufficient and caring there for your best intrest and to hear you out when no one understands. Satifsfy your needs and pleasures to your desires content. Here to be loyal and have your back if you need space or time content as a friend. BUT because that guys white and is attractive he's got those big mustles and that privilaged life "id prefer white guys like I don't know there just so just sooooo just soooo".+ Im a victom of this negligence consideration has been lost to humanity generations and generations ago. The big picture is we are never gonna live a full complete happy life of growth, enjoyment, and peace. Till we learn to love blindly. HLH

  • Finding these kinds of questions actually being asked seems stupid to me (especially on the internet). But I'm bored, so I'll contribute. I'll first start by saying that these kinds of questions only applies to certain parts of the world, mainly places with a history of overly exposed racism, for instance the U.S. , South Africa... etc.. The truth is beuty and atracttion is stimuli of chemicals that occur with in the human anatomy contributing variables such as phycologial factors (in the manner or way a person thinks) cultural factors (how much does a person rely on social norms to create opinions) and so on... basically society and culture play a large part in a persons concept of what or in this case who is beutiful or attractive and also innate instincts can also influence social pressures.. ex: a white male who grew up in a family that frowned upon 'interacial realitionships' but has a phyche of non-comformist therefore leading him to a rejection of these ideal ie..through innate proccess and therefore an attraction to other 'races' or an exposure of one 'race' to another through enviorment (think of the white guy that acts 'black') or media or both thefore absorbing some of that cultures ideas of beauty (not all men like big butts ladies!) now I said the geography was important because well were you live infuences people and how they think. I am american, but I guess I would be considered hispanic (my parents are both from the Dominican Republic, where btw about 79% of the population is what us americans would call of "mixed race" 12% 'black' and the rest "white and Native American", yes people you can't just conviniently categorize us 'hispanics' ). How you look in the Dominican Republic really does not matter, plp just really like sexing it up out there lol See both of my parents are in fact white (well my dad does look 'hispanic' I guess ) my mom on the other hand is very fair skinned, blonde hair and light green/blue eyes, I in fact look "white", talk "white" but I don't think I think white thought lol anyways this has always bothered me that plp hide their attraction to other people that look different from them with political correct rettoric "it what's on the inside that counts" blah blah bla.. simply most of the time it's a visual stimulation that stirrs up attraction, scientifially everything else is secondary. See I look white I have dated all types of girls ( and I do mean all types!) One of my most memorable Girlfriend was a black girl ( she was dominican, thought physically she looked 'black') and I've come to believe that the immediate attraction b/w BOTH of us was physical. She told me that she was always in to white guys althought she previous to me only had dated 'black' guys ( she was the one that dumped me btw, I think I wasn't "white enough" for her. ) - which brings me back to my point that culture also plays a big role, when I hear plp say I like (insert whatever race) because they are willing to do this or more fun or polite or cool

    • Um I know my responds sounds geeky, but I'm a history/political science major srry for the obnouxious scientific refrences lol, anyways when people use labels to identify its usually because it is being being reinforced by their own personal experiences and popular culutre ( not all black men are loud,not even close to most them eithier! and laides white guys are assholes, trust me) all I meant to say with this frickin' huge essay is please don't constrict yourselfs, go out there and have some fun!!!!

    • For someone so "geeky" your spelling is terrible...wow