What does it mean when a girl wants to take things slow?

I been seeing this girl for about a month and everything is going awesome. We've been having sex daily, spend all our time together, we have fun together and she texts me during the day from work or when she's out of town with the sweetest things such as:

"I miss you"

"I miss being with you, can't wait to come home and see you"

"You always make me smile and put me in a good mood"

"I wasn't this happy the whole time I was married"

"I love the fact you're so sweet and honest and I can be myself around you"

"You're such an awesome guy, you make me so happy"

The other night I finally got the nerve to confess my real feelings for her and I'm scared I freaked her out.

I apologized for putting her on the spot and coming on to strong and she replied:

"K hun, it doesn't bother me. I just want to tell you I do like you, I just want to take things slow and go on from there."

What does take things slow mean? Seriously..if she wanted to take things slow we wouldn't be having sex day in and day out or spending all our free time together.Does she mean slow as in working towards a relationship?

I'm really confused