Piggyback ride. Does this mean anything?

This friend of mine (a girl I like) asked for a piggyback ride. I said OK, then she laughed and said just kidding. Then she asked for one right after that, I said OK, she laughed and said just kidding. Then she said "OK, you're giving me one!" She counted to three, then ran behind me and just pushed me with both hands on my back and laughed and said just kidding.

Does it mean something? Or is it only a teasing thing?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Yeah dude nothing special there. Means she definitely notices you. but she is obviously just playing around. Try not to be controllable like that though. It may get you closer to her for a while but it won't get you with her as she will find manipulating you like that boring. At least put up a fight or when she pushes you over pick her up over your shoulder and say "fine your getting a ride anyway." play tricks back, is what I'm trying to say.