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Piggyback ride. Does this mean anything?

This friend of mine (a girl I like) asked for a piggyback ride. I said OK, then she laughed and said just kidding. Then she asked for one right after... Show More

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  • Yeah dude nothing special there. Means she definitely notices you. but she is obviously just playing around. Try not to be controllable like that though. It may get you closer to her for a while but it won't get you with her as she will find manipulating you like that boring. At least put up a fight or when she pushes you over pick her up over your shoulder and say "fine your getting a ride anyway." play tricks back, is what I'm trying to say.

What Girls Said 4

  • shes teasing you and wants you to tease her back

  • she's definitely flirting. sorry boys. now whether or not she likes you is a different story. I know girls that flirt with any and every guy they can, and occasionally, something comes out of that. do the whole hard to get thing, like if she says can I have a piggy back ride be like NO. or if the scenario repeats as it did above, you can do what someone said below, pick her up anyway. girls like it when guys flirt back. just saying OK and being passive...eh..

  • I don't think that mean anything, only if you she asks you a lot or everyday. But I have a guy friend that gives me piggy back rides and it doesn't mean anything much, so don't worry about it.

  • she likes u she just afraid to tell you or it means she is teasing you if she stares at you or calls u cute or even winks at u she likes u

What Guys Said 4

  • She's teasing. But if you play along it might get somewhere, but I can't really tell anything out of this story. Just that she likes to joke.

  • I agree with koloblicin she likes to tease you so tease back

  • I think she thinks you're her f***ing play toy, next time she dose that sh*t, you ask her, “hey can you suck my cock” then say "just kidding"….lol so that’s not the best idea, I don’t think it means any thing my friend just one of the mean mind games girls play on us poor guys. but on the other hand she could wanna give you a BJ...hmmm tuff one

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