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Banana Boobs?

okay.So I think I have banana boobs and I absolutely hate them. Maybe its because I haven't stopped growing. Will they look like round? Are they... Show More

ok.for those who don't know.

according to def. they like kind of sag and then they lift towards the end.

Most Helpful Opinion

  • Let me tell you. If they are natural, guys will love them! As far as them being a problem.


    Then, I may have some sympathy, lol.

    • There are pancake boobs? O.o

    • Unfortunately....... yes

What Guys Said 2

  • don't worry just keep your confidence most guys don't worry about shape.although if they start to look like stars you might want to worry.some girls don't round out but the do tend to fill in more.you might want to eat fatty foods to increase the reserve.i don't know.it might work

  • Lol I've never seen banana boobs before. But don't worry hun, boobs are boobs. As long as you have 2 of them, guys will like them.

    • Some guys prefer 3 of them...lol

What Girls Said 3

  • What are banana boobs? Does that mean like long and narrow?

  • they will round out. no guys probably won't find them attractive.

    • That seems...mean.lol

    • Yeah that is quite mean. the guys above seem to think differently and if a guy really likes a girl he won't mind

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