What does it mean when he says he wants to start over?

Me and my guy recently broke up over a miss understanding and he had told me he needs space and time. I figured it was over. Then, last night we were at the same place and ran into each other. He proceeded to come up to me and told me he still likes me but said we started out slow then things were going kind of fast and he wants to start over. Does this just mean that he wants to take things slow again and see where it ends up or is he just talking about trying to be friends and all that yadda yadds?


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  • i think what he means is he wants to take things slow. Get to talking to you again and spending time. I just have a question was there alcohol involved? If not, then this is my advice to you. he wants to take it slow and feel everything out again. Even though it was a misunderstanding there's still a violation of trust there. Meaning that whatever the misunderstanding was it had enough force to raise questions in his mind about your guys relationship. When people begin to question those that they care about or those that they love it gets messy and if those people questioning the situation don't take the time to sit back and sort things out in their own heads, they ultimately can be their worst nightmare in a relationship. Our minds can play the worst tricks on us they can make us believe things that aren't true and see things that aren't there.

    If I was you, I'd be you. Just don't stress the situation and let it unfold naturally like you did when you first fell in like or love whichever in the beginning. Obvivously, if he saw you the other night and wanted to take the time out of his night to speak to you he still cares. Just don't stress over the outcome let things fall where they may. I hope that helps. Best of luck!


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  • I would tend to say that he wants to slowly get into a relationship with you again, I mean that seems pretty clear. If you are confused though, is there some other reason why you don't think he wants to start a romantic relationship with you?


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  • I think this may mean that he wants to start over with you again and take things slow this time instead of slow then speeding up too fast...