How can I tell if the Mormon Missionary likes me too?

I've recently become a member of the Mormon church and when I did, they sent missionaries to my house. One was fairly good-looking, I thought that to myself, then didn't really think about it again. As I've gotten to know him though he's funny, charming, kind of stubborn, and a sweet guy all around. The thing is, on missions, they can't date, flirt, etc. He, however, smiles at me when he is up in the choir, schedules our visits every 3 days instead of once a week, and I always catch him looking at me. I realize I'm dragging this on but here are my questions: Am I reading too much into this? He is all-around charming, attractive guy and I can't tell if he does this with everyone. How can I tell?


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  • He probably like considering the behavior, and that would carry over to most situations. Look at the way he interacts with other people and see if he looks at other girls a lot. Then compare the behavior. If I guy like you in almost any circumstance this will give him a way. I don't why this seems to never occur to female. We are just like females we tend to act differently around girls or guys we like, especially if we are trying to hide it. You can always do what I would on a female that might that might be into me, use psychology to set him up. Then gauge the reaction and/or response it will tell you thing you need to know. pick-up artists (PUA) call it compliance testing and do it frequently. I agree though let him stay focused and keep in contact.


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  • Missionary is okay. I prefer reverse cowgirl or doggy. Feels better for them too.


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  • Hey,I'm mormon too(:

    But I kind of had the same situation and I tried so hard not to flirt with

    him because he is suppossed to be out here doing the Lord's work.

    But I would just maybe write to him because this way you can stay in

    touch with him. Also if you do this be more encouraging for him to do

    the Lord's work. He just might like you,you never know(:

  • He's not allowed to date while he's on a mission.

  • There's only one way to find out. Wait until after his mission is also and see what he does then

  • Hey, I'm a church member too, so I understand your position. But while they're on their mission, you should really let them concentrate on doing the Lord's work. When he finishes his mission, go for it. But right now, it really doesn't matter if he like you or not. Sorry if I'm being a little too blunt P: But as the person above me said, keep in contact with him :D

  • First off I'm also Mormon and they can't really do anything but he's human so maybe he does like you...then again it seems your reading to much into it. I think he might like you a little but just let things go with the flow...when he leaves keep contact and then after his mission he can come back...ive heard stories where people get married after their missions :) so just be good and let it flow ;)