Do guys like thick girls?

Okay; well a lot of guys always call me thick and all I can say is thanks. Would they ever go out with a thick girl? or just want her for action? because I have a nice ass and I have some boobs too.

Im thick as in I'm mostly muscle. I'm strong but I'm not huge. I'm not considered "fat" to people.


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  • i am a thick chick, and trust me, it is a compliment. I've made sure of it. and I'm sure it can go for sex or a relationship - because most guys want a girlfriend that is a real woman and can have babies etc. not that skinny girls can't, but like that one guy said, it's an evolutionary thing lol. the guy I am talking to right now said when he was in high school he liked skinny girls because he thought that's what he was supposed to like but now that he is a "man" he likes bigger thicker girls - I think they figure out we are better at sex. lol.


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  • I like healthy girls. Sorta evolutionarily pre-wired to want that. Thick? if that means unhealthy, then no. But it's not really a decision on my part. It comes from the lizard part of my brain. Like sexual orientation. Hard-wired.

    Does "thick" mean overweight? Or does "thick" mean you're built like an eastern european farmer? Ready-for-real-work-thick?

    If you're strong and healthy and not overweight, but built stoutly, then I think that would be attractive enough.

  • yes they do.

    as an example if your a little chubby and have a good figure id think your very attractive.

    however if your just plain fat and have a roll I would think you need to lose weight.

    plus guys should like you for your personality. looks are the bonus.

  • oh see that's dangerous. I heard guys refer to thick girls saying it's all about the tits and ass. They also have said, thick girls look good in jeans, but totally different when naked. Be careful! However, some do appreciate curves. Black and hispanic guys are usually the ones that just appreciate tits and ass. Walk down any street corner in the bronx, silly women with low self-esteem think they're being drooled over.but smart women know when they're being sexually objectified seen as nothing but a butt and boobs.

  • My girl is Hispanic and has a very big ass big tities and big thighs thats what guys really like but its not a big deal


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  • haha a lot of boys call me that too, and I know I am not fat and I work out 4 times a week so I would consider myself healthy, you was just blessed with curves and larger assets then most women. Guys like it DOGS adore it and usally think of sex so it goes any way.

    depending on the guy, you may sometimes catch the wrong guys who just want you for action so watch out lol.

    • from personal experience, usually older guys prefer the thicker woman because she's got the body of a grown woman instead of a skinny lesser developed type. However, for some guys, it comes right down to "i like what I see". If a guy's only complimenting your physical appearance, he's not worth it. There are, suprisingly, plenty of great guys out there. "If you ain't catchin the right fish, switch up the bate. lol"

  • From what I have seen, black guys and "wiggers" like "thick" girls. Those are the only guys I can get. They say it takes men a while to mature. I'd say go for older guys. Sometimes, that doesn't work either because I like them and they still don't like me. Watch out also, because some of them could just be after one thing since you do have big boobs.