Do guys like thick girls?

Okay; well a lot of guys always call me thick and all I can say is thanks. Would they ever go out with a thick girl? or just want her for action?... Show More

Im thick as in I'm mostly muscle. I'm strong but I'm not huge. I'm not considered "fat" to people.

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  • i am a thick chick, and trust me, it is a compliment. I've made sure of it. and I'm sure it can go for sex or a relationship - because most guys want a girlfriend that is a real woman and can have babies etc. not that skinny girls can't, but like that one guy said, it's an evolutionary thing lol. the guy I am talking to right now said when he was in high school he liked skinny girls because he thought that's what he was supposed to like but now that he is a "man" he likes bigger thicker girls - I think they figure out we are better at sex. lol.