Do guys like girls who have brown eyes?

my left eye is darker then my right eye and not many girls that I noticed have brown eyes too just about 3 or 4 other girls maybe? but yeah I can't tell because all the ones who have blue eyes and wear make up like a clown get guys as I have brown eyes and wear no make up


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  • I like brown eyes. Romantic. You can wear a little (very little) eye makeup. Most girls who wear tons of eye makeup look like raccoons.

    • Thanks I wore some makeup when I was little for halloween and everyone was like wow because I looked goth lol.mascara is out for me though because I have had people ask me if I was wearing mascara when I wasnt so I don't think I need it I could be wrong tho

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  • I love brown eyes, they're so warm and mysterious to me, rock the hell out of them!

  • It doesn't matter what colour is your new Ferrari 2010 model car as long as you have it right? :)I never dated a girl because of her eye colors. I actually haven't payed much attention to it but always complemented girls on their beautiful eyes. All girls have beautiful eyes :)

  • I love brown eyes on a girl. But any eye colour is fine.

  • Yep. My girl has deep brown eyes.. and I prefer her without makeup. :D

    • =)

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  • i really don't think it matters

  • i am chinese girl I have blac eye

    • Cool

  • nothing wrong with brown eyes, my eyes are dark brown and suits me...probably suits you too...just be confident. xD

    • Thnx

  • You are fishing for compliments and to be honest it looks really pathetic. "Eye colors can range from the most common color, brown", most common eye color in the world.To say that all blue eyed girls wear makeup is a HUGE generalization and said in an extremely catty way. You need to work on your personality and not judge people on looks...said from a green eyed girl.

    • I have to agree with haisaybelluh, the answerer is being rude. if she was gonna be a total snob about this why bother commenting? I think different color looks better on different people

    • No I'm just asking guys opinions I'm not making them choose between the two either blue lots of makeup or brown no makeup its just a question and thank you haisaybelluh

    • Answerer is being completely rude. the girl is just asking a question...

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