Guys don't like good girls ?

ive heard that guys prefer "sexier" girls who are more experienced and comfortable with their sexuality, like party girls who like to drink and smoke and play around. I'm not like this, I don't smoke or drink ( I'm not religious by the way I just don't do these things because I don't like them) and I try to be a friendly nice person. my friends say I'm too " innocent" but only people who know me think this because its not usually obvious until you get to know me better.people usually seem suprised when they come to the conclusion

is this off-putting for guys to be a 'good girl' ? is it better to be a 'party girl'? if so why ? or why not ?

just to clear things up this ISNT for religious reasons, I'm not religious


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  • True story, names changed.

    When my high school yearbook was being created, there was a poll for "most beautiful guy/girl" that everyone filled in. Rebecca was very very sexy. Everyone assumed that she'd win. Problem was, Rebecca was a bit of a pain in the butt. She wasn't mean, but she was very self centred and superficial. Always cared about being 'perfect'.

    When the poll was held, Rebecca didn't win. Infact she came 3rd. Another girl, Lisa, won hands down (from memory something like 80% of the votes). Lisa was a 'bigger' girl, not fat, but not model thin. Thing is though, she was the sweetest nicest person on the planet. Always helped out, always said hello, not up herself.

    I often tell this story to girls that think guys just care about looks, but here it applies about personality too. Guys do like good looking girls, and we'll instinctually notice a sexy girl, but at the end of the day, a 'nice' girl is far better then a bitch. We'll have a one night stand with the bitch, we'll marry the nice girl.

    And personally, a girl that smokes is a complete and utter turn off.