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Guys don't like good girls ?

ive heard that guys prefer "sexier" girls who are more experienced and comfortable with their sexuality, like party girls who like to drink and smoke... Show More

just to clear things up this ISNT for religious reasons, I'm not religious

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  • True story, names changed.

    When my high school yearbook was being created, there was a poll for "most beautiful guy/girl" that everyone filled in. Rebecca was very very sexy. Everyone assumed that she'd win. Problem was, Rebecca was a bit of a pain in the butt. She wasn't mean, but she was very self centred and superficial. Always cared about being 'perfect'.

    When the poll was held, Rebecca didn't win. Infact she came 3rd. Another girl, Lisa, won hands down (from memory something like 80% of the votes). Lisa was a 'bigger' girl, not fat, but not model thin. Thing is though, she was the sweetest nicest person on the planet. Always helped out, always said hello, not up herself.

    I often tell this story to girls that think guys just care about looks, but here it applies about personality too. Guys do like good looking girls, and we'll instinctually notice a sexy girl, but at the end of the day, a 'nice' girl is far better then a bitch. We'll have a one night stand with the bitch, we'll marry the nice girl.

    And personally, a girl that smokes is a complete and utter turn off.

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  • It's not off putting, and it's not that guys don't like good girls.

    But there's something very attractive about a girl who is confident and sure of herself. A girl doesn't have to smoke or drink or be a party girl, but if she can tell a good dirty joke she's got my interest. If she's comfortable in her own skin, that goes a long way to making a girl sexy. A girl can be brash without being vulgar. "Friendly and nice" is fine for a house warming party or a dinner party. If you're at a club, or a party where you want to meet people, you should let some other sides of your personality show through.

  • Guys like good girls, girls don't like good guys. :)

    • If I knew who you were I would shake your hand!

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    • So not true! :P

    • I wrote this 5 months ago.

      Apparently, I've been proven wrong once, since then.

      Which is fairly strange, by the way.

      A girl is totally all over me because of how "nice" and "cute" I am.

      It appears there ARE exceptions.. xP

      But exceptions are still rarer than the common. :(

      Oh, and by "good girls" I think I don't mean "overly religious" and "prude" and "asexual".

      My views change as I gain experience, you know. xD

  • I have always wondered about the following. Are the guys who like "sexier party" girls as serious about the relationships as guys who like the friendly nice types. Sexy party girls might be a nice fantasy but I feel like a relationship with the nice, cute, warm type has more substance and will be more meaningful.

    In the end, I think your type "wins out."

  • loosen up a little. go out and let loose. you do have to drink or anything just party your *** off lol.

  • Seriously, what kind of people told you this stuff?

    Some guys might be into party girls and sluts, but I'm not one of them. And I can't speak for all guys, but I know I'm certainly not alone. I want a quality relationship with a quality girl...if you want the same with a quality guy, don't change the person you are.

    • BTW, I'm not putting down girls who like to hook up with guys, etc...just saying that it's not what I'm personally going for. And a girl should be able to have a little fun, but that doesn't mean compromising her (or my) values.

    • I think it's a thing society has started to imprint into our brains. "OMG YOU MUST PARTY, DRINK, AND BE EASY IN ORDER TO BE COOL!" It's rampant in that age group.

    • Sad but true.

  • id prefer her to be illiterate abt sex. a good girl is a gud gurl, and a better mom:P

  • Well I think you sound NORMAL, like me and I would date someone like you anytime. Un religious and yet not a completely insecure party-freak-clubber person. smoking sucks. Drinking is okay case by case.

    A girl can be a non-clubber-drinker and still be sexy.

  • i prefer innocent girls.

  • Not at all! I would never date a girl like that. Stick to what pleases YOU and let a guy who loves your deep down character sweep you away. Wait for someone who doesn't expect you to be who you aren't. That's never a good thing. There are PLENTY of guys out there who don't look for this in a girl.

  • I personally don't care either way, as long as she's not a total drag to hang out with, FYI just because someone likes to party doesn't always mean they're a bad person.

    • Completely agree. a girl can go to a party and have a few beers and have a good time and not go around f***ing every guy in the place. you can't place girls at either extreme.

  • Nope. I'd love a girl that didn't smoke or drink and was just laid back. I'm laid back. Being a party girl actually is a turnoff because who wants their girl grinding up on abunch of guys and getting drunk all the time? Not me

    "good girls" are what I prefer

  • I think it's all in the crowd you surround yourself with..

    for instance, you're more likely to meet a hook up at a club than a "keeper".. and you seem to only reference back to parties or "party" atmospheres.. most people there aren't looking for anything serious and most of it is mutual.. on the other hand, hang out on campus, study at a starbucks, go to casual outings, places like lounges and that would totally change the social demographics..

    I would consider myself open minded and always trying to look at things from all perspectives. I've met all sorts of people here in vegas from "keepers" to people that literally "live" at the clubs to p*rn producers to "nice people".. That being said, I'd like to honestly tell you that you should not be questioning your behavior. The most important thing that you should remember to wear (be a party or school) is confidence--don't leave home without it! :) A girl with confidence does mind-boggling things to us guys.. I would be someone to talk--I occasionally have my moments where I don't have it all together. But, I usually know what's going on and what I'm doing wrong.. hey I'm still looking for a "nice" girl around here; just about all the one's I've met are already taken hehe.

    You're gold to modern society, know that. :)

  • Here is the thing, at least for me.

    Party girls are more like sleeping buddies. I do not care about, if I hurt there feeling, oh well, big deal. I just sleep with them, don't want a relationship or anything.

    Good girls, Like my girlfriend, I actually care about her. She is also a really caring person. Sometimes, I can't stop thinking about her. I actually slept with her before being in a relationship but once I found out what kind of person she was, I was totally in love with her.

    Your turning off guys, but only the "player type" or guys that are desperate for sex. All they wanna do is sleep with you and once they find out your not gonna give it up that easily, they leave.

  • I think plenty of guys go for the type of girl you're describing. I like the friendly, smart, witty, cute, innocent type of girl. However, she shouldn't be overy sweet or timid, because sometimes that can be an issue. Some girls won't speak up and have an independent opinion. Some girls are too sweet for their own good, and they let people hurt them and walk all over them. You can be sweet and innocent, but you also need a backbone and a mind of your own. You need to be able to communicate what you want and you need to be able to set your foot down.

    • I think this is best answer. Exactly true.

  • I haven't read the other answers so I don't know what advice you've gotten. I say just be who you are and screw anyone who doesn't like it. Don't change the core of who you are to please ANYONE. You be you and let the guys who are attracted to that come to you. If they don't like who you are forget them and find someone who does...

  • I for one don't like party girls ... I think a girl is sexy when she holds her self up to a standard ... not show ass or t*ts... excuse my french. I lost a girl because she wanted to go out all the time and at the time I didn't have the spare money to p*ss away... well she chose the bars and lime lights over a guy that gave his whole heart to her. needless to say a week out and I am still feeling the pain.

    the way out culture is heading men and women are loosing just about every moral that out grandparents have tried to instill into us ... we are going crazy. its the movies the music and what ever else media I haven't covered telling us we have to act this way. well I say its a lie. if your a good girl then be one and be proud. this world could use a few million more!

    • I hope you heal soon and well. There are girls out there looking for more than the material things life has to offer. be sure that you ask a girl where she is in her life before starting a relationship.. it can save a lot of heartache, even somtimes for both.

  • you don't have to drink or smoke to be a playful person. its just awkward when everyone around you is getting wasted and you're not. being the "good girl" isn't a turn off for relationships. guys feel they have more of a chance when a girls had one or two drinks. if it looks like your not having fun, they probably won't want to talk to you. I actually prefer when a girl can control herself. party girls can wreak havoc and are unpredictable... being a party girl makes you approchable.


    "Good girls" don't play games with men's head. She's mature enough to know how to care for a man and also his feelings.

    Men can party with sexy, naughty girls all they want. But men have emotional needs too, and it will get to the point where he doesn't want to play games anymore.

    "Good Girls" > "Cheating ass girls"


  • Definitely not. Being a 'bad girl' will just attract the 'bad boys,' and there are plenty of guys who would much rather have a girl like you than a slut. Personally, I think that smoking is a major turn-off on girls, and I wouldn't care to date someone who I knew slept around a lot...I don't see the attraction in those things at all. Bad girls will mostly attract those guys who are just looking for sex, while guys who want deeper, more serious relationships are generally attracted to girls like you. Don't feel ashamed about your lifestyle at all, it's definitely something to be proud of!

  • Listen it's breaking that you see as if that happens but it's not always the case.Am a guy and the silly thing I would do is looking for what you are calling 'party girl" I look for someone who is her real self, someone who appreciates who she is, someone who is easy to go with, I understand you are religious keep that up and let the person who will take you , choose you because of who you are.Be YOURSELF and never allow your self to be like them because you are not them-YOU ARE YOURSELF. remain to maintain dignity.

  • No, no, no.

    Good guys like good girls. Bad guys like bad girls. If you want a bad guy, then you're out of luck. But if you want a good guy, keep it up. It'll just take a while to find him. We're in the same boat, pal.

  • I'm attracted to good girls. In fact, almost every girl that I've ever dated (or wanted to date) was a 'good girl'

  • Guys like girls that like them. A good girl is something most guys want, but never expect to get. A bad girl is something to guys go for, but don't trust. Bad girls can be fun, but bad girls aren't good to keep until they are ready to settle the F*ck down.

  • Each type of girl has benefits in my opinion, but personally I would choose the 'good girl.' Why? Good girls would be who I would be more attracted to for settling down or being in a more perminant relationship. A girl who parties has a lot more opportunities to cheat, get hit on, or get drunk and then not have good judgement and use that as an excuse (speaking from experience on getting cheated on). You don't have to be open about your sexuality for put yourself out there to be sexy. You should be yourself and not let anyone sway your opinion of your choices this way or that. Good girls are awesome in my opinion :)

  • I choose a good girl because they are the best ones allot of them are better because of what they keep to them self's because they want a guy that likes them for them and not for what they done or is gonna do party girls are the girls I avoid they aren't really safe to mess with because of the amount of guys they been with besides good girls are great to show to your parents (thumbs up) ^_^

  • Theres a word for "party girls" Its called whore. Its used frequently.

  • i don't care about that crap ether drinking smoking doing drugs and a girl that sleeps around is a big turn off and religion sucks too it turns some people into snob mindless idiots I use common sense in life and sounds like you do too and that's AWSOME don't dumb yourself to thinking it will make you attractive even though I don't know what you look like but you sound very attractive to me... girls can be sexy if they are already hott/pretty/beautiful/gorgous or whatever a guy would say about her amazing body and face there's nothing wrong with the way you types of "good" girls are don't ever change : ) its just some guys are afraid to ask girls out that's all no matter how hott a girl is ok... a lot of guys prefur the girl to do that...also a lot of the nice guys prefur a virgin too that will open up her heart and body to us types... hope this helps

  • I love good girls, but they gotta be 'reasonable' though. In a way like ; I hope she's a virgin and not experienced, I hope she hasn't been touched yet ( or a lot ). I hope she doesn't drink. Smoking is OK. I hope she wants sex after 6 months, not 3 weeks. but not longer than 1 year, that's just ridiculious, guys need it, 1 year of waiting is just tomuch, sorry.

    • And what if 3 weeks of waiting is just too much for the girl...?

    • Then she?s probably a first class slut who banged alot. (:

  • You probably see more 'party girls' with guys 'cause they know how to party, they stand out 'cause they're usually loud, and everyone knows where to find a party girl ( clubs, parties). That doesn't mean that guys prefer 'party girls' over 'good girls'. If a guy is serious he's not gonna want all the drama that usually comes with a 'party girl', and in my experience a lot of those girls don't have good real world skills, as in being able to look after themselves.

  • I personally find good girls to be probably one of the biggest turn ons as well as the group of guys that I grew up with (who are always getting chased). I think that it depends where the guy is at. I think that first they prefer party girls and then they move on; that's my opinion.

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  • Guys prefer sexy girls for sex, and some prefer an experienced girl for a partner too, but some guys are all about the inexperienced or innocent girl for relationships. Thankfully there is someone for everyone.

    I have dallied between being a good girl (most of my life) and having fun now that I am divorced and I quickly found:

    1. FWB is not worth it. I would rather wait to be with someone special than have some temporary sexual fix that usually isn't that great.

    2. I have to stay true to who I am. I like looking sexy but realized I wanted to tone it down for myself because I just feel better and relate more to being the "good" girl. I am a woman now, not a girl, so no one is going to see me as an innocent but I did not find any benefit to being seen as the super sexy woman. Who needs random men gawking just because they think they can get you into bed.

    3. If you look like a party girl and too wild, some of the greatest guys around will be intimidated by you and won't approach you. They may also just want to avoid you. Some guys see party girls as flaky and airheaded and just not someone they want.

  • Guys like "sexier" girls for a good time because they don't have to worry about hearing the word no. In the end, no good man is going to want to change a ho into a housewife, simple as that.

  • good girls are the ones guys mothers want to see. sexy is always good I guess but maintaining a balance of both is very important.

  • Dont stress over this... be yourself .. the sexier girls are only good for sex, being a good girl makes you wifey material your the one guys want to marry and have a relationship but those sexy girls are just a roll in the hay..

    Hang in there ...

  • I'm Not a guy but I would say you could apply the same question to whether girls like the "bad boy" or the good guy. I would have to say the bad boy is the one we all stare at etc etc. But we all want a good guy when it comes to relationships... I like to hope that the same thought process applies to the nice girl vs party girl thing..

  • honestly, I think guys prefer girls that are confident with themselves and in turn this is what they see as sexy. sure those party girls may get most of the attention but it's not the good kind. I'm sure no guy really wants a girl like that to take home, they are just the ones that guys mess around with. another thing is, sure you can be innocent but that's often mistaken as someone who is too quiet, ain't any fun and isn't comfortable with herself. so I'm guessing that's why guys hardly go for the quiet type. but take it from me, you can be innocent but you should also have the personality and confidence to back it up. these things work hand in hand and this in the end is what attracts guys. I've learnt that recently, and its working so far. :)

  • i don't think this is true at all...

    i think mainly guys like party girls to do just that: party.

    when it comes to a serious relationship, they prefer good girls.

  • uh it's not like a bad girl is always a party girl who smokes and drinks all the time and whos completely insecure. I've been called a bad girl many times and not because of any of those things because I don't do any of it. They know I'm bad because it's just the aura I give off. I can seduce very easily with just my eyes and body language without even talking. Also, I'm very confident and I strive to not talk badly of anyone and keep secrets. And honestly, guys like me.

  • I agree with what most of the guys have said. Of course party girls are gonna get attention, but it's only superficial that lasts the night while they're drunk or need an ego boost. Don't change who you are for anybody- especially people who tell you you're too innocent- sounds like they're jealous of your good rep if you ask me. No one respects loose girls, because it's just too easy to act that way and guys see that ALL the time. Guys want something different (innocent) because then they feel like they've found something special, and something that no guy- or not many other guys- have had before. Even if a girl was the most gorgeous person on the planet, if a guy is out with her and there's half the club saying- ah yeah I've slept with her blah blah- he's gonna feel like she's a worthless piece of trash.

    And yeah- like one of the other guys said- the only guys who might be put off by your self-respect, are those who just wanna f*** and chuck. Basically they might be attracted to you, but as soon as they talk to you and see that you're not like that, they think- nah can't fool this one, I'll go for the easy girl over there. And that's all there is too it really.

    You keep doing what you're doing though and sod anyone else. I can guarantee you'll have more fulfilling and longer lasting relationships than your 'mates' put together.

  • It might be that guys like the confidence they see in sexy party girls. I get called innocent too because I don't drink or smoke but I don't know its a personal choice thing but still people think its weird that your not a participant.

  • Guys fool around with bad girls and have relationships with good girls. I often hear guys complain about the lack of "good girls". It seems there are more than enough girls willing to get drunk, party and have indiscriminate sex and not very many respectable girls who don't need to embarrass themselves in order to have a good time. You being a good girl is a valuable asset...so don't worry about it.

  • this is not true as you can see most guys love innocent girls you should always be yourself :)

  • It is like saying girls like a bad boy, some do and some don't...mostly we like the bad ones till the right one turns up who is a keeper - put that shoe on the other foot x

  • Guys honestly would rather an experienced girl. That way its not awkward for them. Also it depends on the guy. If your looking for the typical bad ass who looks for the type of girl who parties, smokes and drinks..your not going to have much luck in that department. Why don't you find a guy whos more your type. One who doesn't do that stuff and or one whos a virgin. The guys who think they're a bad ass usually would look at you as fresh meat as they'd say. Thinkin that they could get you in bed and then leave you. So wise advise! Look at the good guys..they're less likely to screw you over in the end. AND be true to who you are. And don't change because you think more guys will like you. Good luck hun :)

  • uhhhh first off, not all 'party' girls are sluts. hooray for stereotypes and false classifications. I loveeee partying, being social, and doing whatever I please, but it's self control over birth control for me, and as long as you set boundaries for yourself, I think partying is finnnnne

    • I think she's talking more of the 'hardcore' party girls that people see. Not the small percentage that's not an attention whore. I'm sure you know what she means.

  • Yeah, guys may like that kind of girl more because she's easier but he'll want to bring a good girl home to mom :)

  • Guys will notice and go after a party girls before they notice and go out with a "good girl"

    That's just life...the party girls are seen as having fun and...I guess better girlfriends

  • Ok so one thing I've understood with guys and maybe you have too

    is that GUYS at their young age of life..lets say 20-25 ish they intend to play around alot

    with the bad girls..so basically their all about sleeping with chicks here or there ( and ofcourse not all guys do this) BUT when guys want to settle down ..do you think they go and settle with a trashy girl ? NO they pick the good girl to take home to their mom :)

  • some do.

  • they don't.

  • bad girl = hump and dump

    good girl= relationships the bad girls wish they had

    this is not coming from a good girl by the way I'm just not looking for that forever kind of relationship

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