So This Creepy Ugly Guy Likes Me? How Do I Get Rid Of Him?

Well I'm pretty . I like Cute Guys & A lot of them like me .

This ugly guy he is just not even my type . I just don't like him like that . He's my friend the problem is he wants to more then friends, & thinks he actually has a chance ! I Actually let become my friend because hey what the heck but he used that to get closer to me ! Because that's what he wanted before he even knew my name !. I never wanted to get to know him because he's nothing special about him or significant I like mysterious guys like my self like a black guy that likes hockey, someone different unique and not some guy I can figure out in a day

How do I get rid of him


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  • You sound like a snob - "I'm pretty. I like Cute Guys."

    1. Get over yourself!

    2. Just tell this guy -- in a nice way -- you're interested in someone else. You can be direct and tell him this or you could just happen to bring it up in a conversation. "Hey, you know so and so? I'm so totally into him! I hope he isn't dating anyone!" That will give him the hint you're not interested in him.

    3. Don't be nasty to him! The guy has feelings, you need to understand that. Also, if you insult him instead of making go away you could anger him and if he's nuts, he might come after you.

    Be smart, be considerate and be firm.

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      Im not a snob . I just like to tell it like it is ! The truth is the truth .I'm mean and I kno it but is the way I have to be because guys like him use up all my nice and try to take advantage me& This guy just wants sex he's a virgin and his mind is filled of intimate thoughts. I'm a virgin. I'm smart . I don't want to be bother with someone who is a complete perv & is wasting my time .I told him I have a boyfriend who I will mary how much more can I do . He still after me

      Thanks man

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      If you told him you have a boyfriend and he's still chasing you, give him a warning that you are taken and he is making you feel very uncomfortable AND that you have already told other people how he is making you feel. That should scare him off.