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What's the difference betwwen being frank and tactless?

Throughout my experience, there's a difference between being frank and being tactless. Aside from the spelling. I've dealt with a lot of frank and... Show More

Thanks for the responses :D it's good to hear other views on this ^.^

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  • "Tactless. Adj. Lacking or showing a lack of what is fitting and considerate in dealing with others; revealing lack of perceptiveness or judgment or finesse.""Frank. Adj. Honest and straightforward in speech or attitude; outspoken or blunt; open and avowed; undisguised." The way I see it is like this: a frank individual, such as myself, will freely say, "That dress looks awful on you", before the person buys it. A tactless person will go up to someone at a party and say, "Wow! That dress looks awful on you!", not caring how many people overhear. The difference? I am honest and as they say, the truth hurts. However, I know when it is appropriate to display such honesty and when it isn't. When circumstances arise in which it would be wholly inappropriate to offer unbridled criticism, I tame myself. I realize that in such cases it would be far meaner to be honest than to lie. On the other hand, a tactless person is incapable of making such a distinction. They are unable to judge a situation and determine whether it is best to remain silent or to offer their opinion and because of that, they are seen as offensive and rude. In short, a tactless person is blunt with no regard to appropriateness.

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  • Frankness: That shirt does not suit you.Tactlessness: That shirt makes you look ugly.There's a difference between being honest and inoffensive and being ugly about the truth. You can be tactfully frank - expressing a perception without attacking the individual.

  • Being frank is telling the truth as much as you can without hurting somebody's feelings, being tactless is telling the truth with complete disregard for somebody's feelings.

  • SCENARIO: Your friend is in a crowded dressing room at a department store trying on an outfit for an upcoming date. She comes out of the dressing room in a dress that highlights her backfat, rolls and love handles and the color of the dress makes her look sallow and sickly.FRANK: That dress isn't very flattering. Try the other one.TACTLESS: That dress makes you look fat as hell and the color makes you look like you are about to die of dysentery. Take that ugly sh*t off before someone else sees you!I have met a lot of people who are tactless but think that they are frank or "honest/blunt" as they put it. I think it's always good to be honest but that doesn't mean you should forget basic consideration and empathy for others either.

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  • Frank means being direct and forthright. Tactless means the same, but with no interest in avoiding insulting or disparaging comments.

  • Well Frank is my friend from Seat-Okay, I'm just gonna let this joke die. It's been done too many times already =/.Being frank is just being honest while still being considerate of the other person. Sometimes you need to be downright rude in order to make a point. it's when you completely disregard the other persons feelings, opinions, or personality and just blurt out whatever you have to say, without caring if you hurt them or not.