How do I tell my boyfriend that I want to date other people?

Ok, I have been dating my boyfriend for two years, but now I just really want to get out of this relationship without hurting our friendship. Our relationship has been pretty stable up until several weeks ago when we broke up and I attempted to date someone else. Anyway the guy I was dating did not... Show More

Most Helpful Guy

  • If you ever cared anything at all about this guy, this is what you have to do. You need to just end it. If you aren't prepared to be with him and only him in the relationship, you need to cut all ties with him. The whole idea of you two preserving your friendship would be awesome if wanting to end the relationship was mutual. He cares a lot about you. But if you really don't feel that for him anymore, trying to keep him as a friend would be the most selfish thing you could ever do.

    You need to not have any contact with him at all, and time will eventually heal it and he will be able to move on and be happy. Your friendship isn't salvageable because he won't ever be able to see you without feeling something for you. Things just don't work like that . Don't be unrealistic. If you care any about this guy's future happiness, you know what you need to do.