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They say I'm pretty, but why don't I believe it?

Friends, family, family-friends, and random people I don't know are always telling me that I'm pretty. I put a lot of effort into my looks, I try my... Show More

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  • I don't think many girls believe when people tell them they are pretty etc. I have been told I was all those things, and I feel super good for like 5 minutes after they tell me but then it's like crash and burn. I look in the mirror and I say nah they were just saying that to make me feel good. I am actually thin, not because I want to be just because I am just built that way. I think girls have the right to blame the media. I always think I have to look a certain way to be pretty. Usually because I see pictures of famous female celebrities, and I hear guys at school saying how hot they are. I don't have the most perfect nose, or the most perfect forehead, and I always think I am so hideous because of it. You don't need to be thin or flawless to be pretty. I saw your pics and I think you are pretty the way you are. But here is what helps me. Sit down and write down all the times someone has given you a compliment about your looks. I write down who said it and what they said. And whenever you feel down you can loo at that. If a lot of people have said it, it must be true right? AND celebrities aren't flawless at all. Many of them are airbrushed to look flawless, and to make girls like us feel bad about ourselves. Here are 2 websites that always make me feel better when I feel down about how I look.



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  • It takes a lot of effort to overcome society's views of beauty. I'd really try to see yourself as pretty. Maybe go over each part of yourself when you are by yourself, maybe in a mirror, and just say "is this part of me good looking or not?" And try to be objective about it. I imagine you'll end up giving yourself a much fairer evaluation than you suspect.

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  • I got the same problem, a guy friend told me I was really pretty I just don't believe anyone when they say I'm cute or pretty, or hot or whatever. And like you I'm on the chubby side, and would kill to be skinny again. maybe low self esteem or something. I would also like to know the answer

    • :) Thanks for sharing with me.

      For me it's just like I have to be thin or I'm not happy with myself.. which is a bad thing to carry around. :( I just don't know what to do. I want to put more effort into my body


    I am the same way, I get compliments but I don't really believe them and think they are being nice or its because they haven't seen really pretty girls. I am always trying to lose wieght too, I am not fat but I am a little chubby. And I try my best to look good too when ever I step out of the house. I feel like if anyone saw me in my house clothes and hair tied up, they would see me and think woah she is ugly.

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