Why are girls so insecure?

Ok I know a lot of girls are going to get mad at me and say that they are under a lot of pressure from our society, but why are girls so insecure? Most of my relationships have ended because I just got sick of how insecure they were. I don't know about most guys but I like people the way they are. I feel that you shouldn't act different or change who you are around people. I think a confidence is a very attractive thing. So why are so many girls insecure about them selves if it is an unattractive characteristic?


Most Helpful Girl

  • one world . celebrities. I totally get insecure around guys who love a certain actor, character from a book or movie, singer or a model. They're so perfect and beautiful and famous. Then there's past relationships. I've been abused by the one boyfriend I had, emotionally and sexually, and by my step father, emotionally physically and sexually. So I have a lot of problems in my life like "i wasn't worth him waiting for." "He didn't care about me" "i'm a piece of sh*t" "im worthless" and lots more issues. but theyr'e not true. I'm just learning now that it's their fault not mine. And girlss get jelous very very very easily. I am jelous of half my best friends. so when girls see you talking to a girl that's thinner or prettier than them they'll start to pick themselves apart until there's nothing left. It's up to you to rescue your princess from the fire breathing dragon (insecurtieis) and tell her how perfect she is everyday until she finally believes you. Because girls only really beleive guys they like or have a respect for when it comes to hearing they're pretty. When my friends or family say it, it goes in one ear and out the other, but when a guy I like sais it, I keep it in my heart forever. :)