What does charming mean to a guy?

besides the actual definition of course..."pleasing, delightful"What makes a girl charming in a real guy's perspective?


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  • funny I've never thought to apply that term to a girl, I've always heard it being used to describe a guy. when I think of charming it's qualities/characteristics that a guy demonstrates to a girl to show that he cares for her/respects her. I guess a girl can be charming if she does things to show she cares. if I've already demonstrated my interest in a girl, game playing will not "make me want her more" it only kills the attraction until its gone. so if you feel the same way, be the one to initiate conversations with him sometimes. if in the odd chance he seems mad or upset about something, then ask him if he's OK (I say odd chance because normally he won't let you see). I really respect a girl who is honest about where she comes from, and it makes the attraction skyrocket instead of idling it with game playing. hope this helped

    • Lol good luck to you as well

    • No problem! I'm a nice girl! lol good luck!

    • Oh I definitely do, thanks for looking out for me though it's nice ha ha :)

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