Does he love me? Why won't he just say it??

We've been dating for a little over a year. From the moment we met it was this amazing crazy chemistry that is indescribable.. I know he feels it too but its growing into more for me. He uses words like "amazing chemistry,connection,energy,care so much about you,baby you know I love you .. but never looked me in the eyes and said I LOVE YOU. I've met his family and he's met mine..We spend just about every single weekend together but during the week he very rarely calls me. He does text me but doesn't call very much..I resist my constant urges to call him because I don't want to seem needy or too into him and also because I'm used to being chased not being the chaser. I'm not being conceited this is just the facts. The last 3 men I dated asked me to marry them and said they loved me with in only a couple weeks. What is holding him back? He means so much to me and regardless of the lack of talk time during the week we have both grown closer to each other.. I love him so much and sometimes I really think he loves me too. Whenever I try to talk about anything serious with him I get totally tongue tied,forget everything I wanted to say and never get to the point about what it is I'm trying to tell him about my feelings . Part of me feels intimidated by him too. He's very successful,financially secure and has it all... On the other hand I have 2 kids from my ex husband, a beat up 10 year old car, and I waitress part time. I've been wondering if maybe I'm not good enough for him? Its so confusing!Sometimes I feel like the happiest person on the planet just because we're together but then I wonder why he doesn't tell me he loves me and it just ruins everything! Please help me!