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Why do men act crazy?

I went to the store one morning me and my son and a guy walk in I look at him and he look at me and he keep walking so now I am in line getting ready... Show More

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  • crazy in love ! lol

    all joking aside, it seems he was very much interested in you.

    think back to high school where that guy you see around campus kinda slyly looks at you from afar

    and secretly has a crush on you.

    well, same situation.

    it was a little creepy for him to follow you to your home,

    but all he wanted was to talk to you and get your number and possibly go on a date.

    if this isn't the first time this has happen,

    then you must catch a lot of guys' attention ;D

    • I have a lot of guys that stare a lot and some times they say hi and sometime they just stare and I don't know why

    • Like I said about oh-boy at the store,

      the others are the same.

      they find you attractive.

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