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I ran into my ex today. Is there a chance he will contact me?

So I ran into my ex boyfriend today, and it was a bit awkward at first. He broke up with me about 6 months ago, but we haven't seen each other in... Show More

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  • I understand that its clear that you still have major feelings for this guy.but if what I'm reading it right then he just isn't interested like that anymore.maybe somewhere inside of him says that you both should just remain friends and even if you don't see it, you having the same feeling.Also, if he does not "want to talk right now"then it means he is just not in the mood to talk or either not in the mood for you to try and hook up with him. Don't take anything tooo seriously. Its going to hurt. ALOT.But things get better once you find a way to move on.Hope I Helped(:---Love, Little Foot<3

    • Thanks, and I know I need to move on. Showing him my weakness by keeping in contact is pushing him further away, and that's what I didn't want. I know this will pass when the right one comes along. Just seeing him kept those wounds open, and I realized I still have a ways to go.

  • I know how it feels when someone you love doesn't respond to you my first boyfriend ever dumped me almost a year ago. I haven't seen him since. lol He said he knew if he saw me again he would want to be with me. So I guess its not meant to see him because of that. At least you seen him, and maybe its a good reason. But since he didn't respond I would give it up. Let yourself know that you did your best. Maybe he'll come around. But work on you first.I hope that helped.

    • Thank you =) And yes, I did try. But I noticed his ego seemed alittle inflated, and I'm probably guilty of helping with that. I should just let him go and THINK he's all that. LOL.

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