Do snobby guys ever stop being snobby?

my boyfriend grew up rich and is rather snobby. last week I tried to plan a vacation for us. it was for 3 nights and we were going to stay at a best western. he said vacations aren't even worth it unless they last longer than a week and we stay at a 4 or 5 star hotel. I can't afford that and can't take that much time off work. he has to have the latest and the greatest. he buys a new computer as often as I buy a new lip gloss. right now he's trying to get the new droid x but they're out of stock. I keep telling him the droid incredible that he has right now is fine but he's throwing fits saying he has to have the new droid x and he wants it now. he's a good guy otherwise but his snobby attitude is getting on my nerves. I wanna tell him he's lucky to have what he's got and to shut the f*** up. what do you think?


Most Helpful Girl

  • as long as he works to pay for the things he wants, I find no reason for him to give up on wanting the lastest and greatest things. if his quest for the latest gadget impedes on more important things like the electricity bill, then there's a problem.

    encourage him to donate anything he wants to throw away to charity. go on a date at a volunteer place like a soup kitchen.

    when planning the vacation, was it a surprise? did you know already that he had such feelings about vacations? why not ask if he can pay for the room and you pay for the food (assuming he makes more money than you)? I know for some people, they would prefer to have a longer vacation and not waste money on a vacation that isn't meaningless (in their own eyes).