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Do snobby guys ever stop being snobby?

my boyfriend grew up rich and is rather snobby. last week I tried to plan a vacation for us. it was for 3 nights and we were going to stay at a best... Show More

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  • as long as he works to pay for the things he wants, I find no reason for him to give up on wanting the lastest and greatest things. if his quest for the latest gadget impedes on more important things like the electricity bill, then there's a problem. encourage him to donate anything he wants to throw away to charity. go on a date at a volunteer place like a soup kitchen. when planning the vacation, was it a surprise? did you know already that he had such feelings about vacations? why not ask if he can pay for the room and you pay for the food (assuming he makes more money than you)? I know for some people, they would prefer to have a longer vacation and not waste money on a vacation that isn't meaningless (in their own eyes).

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  • Well I know some guys that grown up rich and some of them would find that's a great vacation and I know some more who thinks it's gross if you drink sink water (out of the faucet) I guess the best answer I can give you is some yes and some no, but I do most people who are snobs will probably remain that way it's their way of life

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  • date someone in ur social class then. thats just his lifestyle
    someone in the extreme poor underclass may not even eat everyday but u buy lipgloss often. that doesn't mean ur a bad person either

  • Nope just like snobby girls don't stop acting snobby.

    Uts basically in their blood the only time when they ever do is when they go through a time of hardship and basically lose what they have.

    However not all rich/upper class people are snobby.

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